4 Forgotten Areas Of Your Home That Deserve Some Loving

Usually, most home improvements happen in the same places. You’ve got living room improvements, bathroom renovations, garden upgrades, etc. All of these things are excellent, but it means you neglect other areas of your home. So, it’s time to give these areas some extra love and attention! We’ll go on a tour of your home, picking out the different places that could do with a makeover. 

4 Forgotten Areas Of Your Home That Deserve Some Loving

Storage Closets

Our journey begins in the tightly packed area that is your storage closet. Most homes will come with at least one room that’s dedicated for storage. Truthfully, this is sometimes called the airing cupboard as the boiler might be here in some older homes. Still, in modern designs, builders will have a door or two that opens into a tiny space to store things in. 

Be honest, when was the last time you gave this area any attention? It tends to be a place you open only when you have to throw something in storage. As a result, it becomes super messy and untidy. One of my friends has a storage closet that literally contains a vacuum cleaner and then multiple towels thrown on the floor. It’s a complete waste of some precious space. 


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Most houses will have a driveway of sorts at the front. I’m aware that many homes do not, but you can skip this point if it doesn’t apply to you. Anyway, if you do, you are almost certainly guilty of neglecting it. Truthfully, it’s not an area of your home that you give much thought to. For many, this is purely a practical bit of tarmac to park your car on. What else can you do with this?

To start, you can renovate the driveway and make it look a lot nice. If the tarmac is cracked and full of mini potholes, it needs to be relaid. Get some fresh stuff put down to instantly make your home look newer. Alternatively, some people like using aggregates as a driveway instead. They get lots of decorative stones and cover the driveway with them. These stones can be loose or resin-bonded for a cleaner finish. It sounds messy when I describe it, but hopefully, the image above shows you what I’m talking about. 

After doing this, you can also improve your driveway by adding a protective covering over it. This is typically called a carport as it’s basically a little port to park your car in. Think of it as an open garage, and you can find carports and designs online from many suppliers. The benefit of this is that it really spices up your driveway and makes it stand out from the crowd. Plus, it protects your cars from the weather if you don’t have a garage. 

4 Forgotten Areas Of Your Home That Deserve Some Loving

Front Garden

We’ll stay outside your house for this next area; the front garden. Your back garden is the place that gets all of the attention. If you look online, you’ll find thousands of posts about doing up your garden. In almost every single one, the front garden doesn’t get a mention. This could be because the chances of having a front garden are slimmer than having a back one. Still, I count any bit of greenery as a front garden – even if it’s a small patch just outside your front door! 

This area gets neglected all the time, and you can often have an overgrown front garden that’s full of weeds. So, sort that out right away by de-weeding it and making everything look nice and neat. For me, the biggest problem is that most front gardens are too bland. Add some extra colour to yours by planting a few flowers or strategically placing some flowerpots. 

4 Forgotten Areas Of Your Home That Deserve Some Loving 3

The Spare Room

Do you have a room in your house that just doesn’t have a purpose? It’s referred to as your spare room, but it may as well be called the forgotten room. Traditionally, people had spare rooms when the house contained more bedrooms that they needed. Instead, one was kept spare in case of guests. By all means, use yours when guests arrive but pay it a bit of attention!

The issue is that people just leave the spare rooms bare and empty. There’s no life in them, so they just feel cold and boring. Can you imagine a guest staying in it? They’d feel like they were staying in some sort of desolate old house. You’ve got to spend some time giving this room a splash of colour and character. Make it feel like people actually live in that room so your guests can have a comfortable experience. 

In all honesty, you don’t need to keep this as a spare bedroom at all. It’s quite rare for people to stay over other people’s houses nowadays. You might have family, but you could always lend them your room while you navigate to the couch. I’d much prefer that if it means I can transform the spare room into something more interesting. It could be your home office, an entertainment room, or even a laundry room. The possibilities are endless, you just need to show this room some love!

Some of you are reading through this article wondering why you’d bother spending time and money improving these parts of your house. That’s exactly the point! They deserve it because they’re always neglected. There are only so many times you can renovate a living room. It’s time to do something different and focus on other areas of your home. You’ll be surprised at how big of an impact some of these renovations will have on the rest of your property. Now, you may not have all of these areas in your home, but you’re bound to have at least one. Next time you’re thinking of doing some remodelling, turn your attention to one of these places instead.

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