4 Problems Only Women With Thick Hair Understand

On the face of it, thick hair seems like a blessing. Your follically challenged husband, boyfriend or Dad may look longingly at your luscious locks and say words along the lines of “Gosh, I’d kill for hair that full and thick!”. Even your gal pals may stroke your lustrous mane and confess that they wished they had your hair’s thickness. But as every woman with thick hair knows, what most perceive as a blessing brings its own set of curses. Here, we’ll look at some specific problems only women with “enviably” thick hair will understand…

4 Problems Only Women With Thick Hair Understand

It takes you way longer to get ready to leave the house

If people admire our thick hair it’s only because we’ve been trying to beat it into submission with a tangle teezer and freeze hold hairspray since 5am! We know from experience that if we have the temerity to attempt to sleep in that’s the day we’ll be struck by a bad hair day. There’s nothing worse than running late for work, looking in the mirror and thinking “Well what the HELL am I going to do with that?!?”. You spend a long time trying to find the absolute best pomades for thick hair that’s difficult to control and a conditioner that’ll make something like an impact on your hair without needing to use half the bottle in a single wash.

Which brings us to the next problem…

4 Problems Only Women With Thick Hair Understand

You spend more than anyone else you know on hair care

At least fine, flat hair can be scrunched and blow-dried. Its needs are fairly simple, and the amount that needs to be spent on products is fairly minimal. For women with thick hair, however, it may seem like you spend a small fortune every week not to look like Hermione Granger in that first Harry Potter movie. What’s more, you tend to go through conditioner at twice the rate you go through shampoo. So you spend a lot more time shopping for hair products, too!

4 Problems Only Women With Thick Hair Understand

Hair everywhere always

Ugh. It’s like living with a golden retriever sometimes. Or Irish setter. Delete as appropriate for your hair colour. But as well as seeing a mat of hair build up on your pillows, carpets and rugs, you also find that you constantly have to yank long thick strands of hair out of plug holes and plunging clogged drains at least once a week. Yuck! Not to mention needing to use a lint roller on your clothes. Every. Single. Day!

Oh, the neck sweats

With such a thick mane of hair surrounding it all day every day, the skin of your neck is in a totally different ecosystem to the rest of your body. Thus, when you try to scrape your mane back into a hair tie (which always snap, by the way), you’re always a trifle embarrassed to find your neck has a light sheen of sweat. 

Oh, and speaking of moisture in hair… if you ever rush out of the house on a winter morning without having completely dried your locks, it’s not uncommon to find icicles in your hair. 

Thick hair isn’t always the blessing it’s made out to be. 

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