Stop Comparing Yourself Now – Here’s How

Comparing yourself to others is one of the most uncomfortable things you can do in this life. You only get one life, one body, so it makes sense to celebrate what you’ve got and make the most of it, regardless of what others are doing or what you believe they have that you don’t. It’s not your fault if you compare yourself. You may have learned this from a toxic parent, or perhaps from the media that constantly tells women they need this and that to be whole and beautiful. Well, no more! Below, you’ll find ways to stop comparing yourself now. 

Stop Comparing Yourself Now - Here's How

 1 – Unfollow Social Media Accounts That Are No Good For You

Start by unfollowing the social media accounts that are no good for you. If you feel bad when looking at a certain person’s posts, you may want to unfollow them or simply hide them from your feed for a while whilst you work on your mindset and self love. Some accounts are all about body positivity, and they can be great to follow. However, many influencers get it very wrong. Super slim influencers will sit down and grab non existent ‘fat’ (it’s just skin) thinking that they are being inspirational. They are not. These are the kinds of people to unfollow. 

2 – Understand The Things That Make You Unique 

You have a ton of things that make you unique. It might be your laugh, your sense of humour, your unusual eye colour – remember not to make it all about appearance and think about your personality. Your body and its attributes are the least interesting thing about you. Prioritize your mind! 

3 – Put Things Into Perspective 

You only see a very small portion of celebrities and influencers’ lives on Instagram. Put things into perspective. They wake up looking rough, too, you know – you just don’t see it! They often don’t tell the full story either, so when something bad happens to them, they are unlikely to share. 

Stop Comparing Yourself Now - Here's How

4 – Work On Radical Self Acceptance 

Accept yourself no matter what flaws you think you have. ‘Pretty’ is not the price we have to pay for being a woman in this world. You don’t need to conform to any beauty standards that you don’t want to – they are all man made. Shave your head if you want to. Grow out your body hair. It’s all natural, and it’s all you. If you’ve been thinking of getting cosmetic surgery, make sure it’s for you and you alone. Don’t do it for a single soul, or because you think you will look more like your favourite celebrity. It should be your choice coming from a healthy place. 

5 – Stop Spending Time With Toxic People 

Identify the toxic people in your life and drop them. Spend time only with those who lift you up!

6 – Let Go Of Perfection

Perfection doesn’t exist, so don’t subscribe to society’s idea of it. It’s all photoshop, lighting, and angles. 

Stop Comparing Yourself Now - Here's How

7 – Do Things That Make You Feel Empowered

Spend time on your hobbies and things that make you feel empowered. Go running, lift weights, or head to a martial arts class. Paint more and write poetry. Focus fully on your amazing self! 

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