Style: From Basic To Beautiful

It’s OK if you’re not that into style at the minute. We know style is not the easiest to ‘get’, as it were. It’s the same with makeup. You either have a real taste for it and you can apply it well, or you just put on a bit of foundation and mascara and hope for the best. We know that many women want to start getting better at styling themselves and doing their makeup, so we thought we’d start with the one we think has the most impact, style.

We know that makeup has the power to transform someone, but style has the power to wow everyone. People are more likely to pick up on what you’re wearing first, and then what the rest of you looks like. So, if you know you’re a bit of a style virgin and it’s time to switch it up, this post is going to help you with every detail. Keep on reading to find out more.

Style From Basic To Beautiful

Staying On Trend

If you want to feel more fashionable and as though you look it, then you need to stay on trend. Now is the perfect time to do so as we’re heading towards a season change, which means a whole new clothing range is about to hit the shop floors. We wouldn’t recommend viewing catwalks for inspiration, their fashion is art. We’d recommend looking in everyday magazines, both fashion and normal for inspiration and also just taking a look around the shops.

What you see on the shop floor is what’s in fashion at the minute, it’s more how you throw everything together. If you do have a friend that’s super into fashion it might be worth taking them with you! Certain shops are going to be more on trend than others, so always make sure you’re shopping right and for your price range. Don’t splash money on one expensive item to look more fashionable, it’s about how you look not what brand you’re wearing! 

Style From Basic To Beautiful

Accessories Are Key

They most definitely are! Accessories aren’t everyone’s forte, we know that some people don’t accessorize at all. Jewellery is so important though, from necklaces, to bracelets, to rings, to earrings, you should be trying to experiment with what you try.

Some countries are more well known for accessorizing their outfits, you can find out which countries consume the most jewellery per year through that link. We would say that less is more. You don’t want to be walking around covered in jewellery, so a simple necklace, watch, rings, and earrings are all that you really need. Just one or two rings on each hand is enough. 

Style From Basic To Beautiful

Stick To What You Like

Finally, make sure you stick to what you like. You shouldn’t force yourself to wear things because you think it’s fashionable. Stick to what you like and find ways of making that on trend. Even simple jeans and a nice top can be so fashionable if you style it right! It’s the season to feel more comfortable in what you’re wearing, so don’t be afraid! 

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