Syrene Skincare Brand Introduction & Reviews

I love discovering new skincare brands, and as soon as I saw the packaging for Syrene Skincare, I instantly fell in love. When it comes to skincare, the packaging design really is insignificant as it’s all about the formula, but the Syrene Skincare products are all so beautifully presented, and it’s nice to feel fancy when you’re using luxury beauty products. I have three products from the Syrene Aqua collection, and keep on reading to find out more….

Syrene Skincare Brand Introduction & Reviews

Syrene Skincare Brand Introduction

So who are Syrene? They’re a New Zealand based skincare brand which recently launched into Harvey Nichols. The brand was established in 2016, and their products are set out to use ingredients found both in the sea and in nature, known for their properties of gentleness and restorative care.

The Syrene Skincare Aqua collection is said to combine active ingredients from the sea that beautifully melt into the skin, offering rich marine nutrients to nourish, hydrate and soothe. Suffused with natural and pure extracts that embody the gentle purity of the New Zealand Pacific Ocean.

Syrene Skincare Brand Introduction & ReviewsSyrene Skincare Brand Introduction & Reviews

Syrene Skincare Aquagel Refreshing Toner 150ml £58

The first product I’ve been trying is the Aquagel Refreshing Toner, which is a unique hydrating gel formula that works to cleanse deep into the pores, removing any excess residue whilst improving your skin’s tone and texture. By using this toner, it claims to leave the skin soother, rejuvenated and balanced, and with regular use, it’ll enhance moisture content for a soft, firm complexion.

The toner is packaged within an airless pump bottle, and has a watery gel consistency which can be applied to the skin with cotton wool or a tissue. I like to apply it with the Pyunkang Yul 1/3 Cotton Pads as they’re almost pieces of fabric rather than cotton, so they don’t soak up product like cotton wool pads do. It feels so soothing and refreshing, just like the name promises which has been divine during the super hot spell we had a few weeks ago.

For a toner, it’s amazing how hydrating it feels. Whenever I use it, my skin feels as if I’ve applied a hydrating serum. It’s also really lovely when applied directly to the skin with your fingertips, and it really has made a difference in my skin’s hydration levels.

Syrene Skincare Brand Introduction & ReviewsSyrene Skincare Brand Introduction & Reviews

Syrene Skincare Aqua Intense Cream 15ml £28

The Syrene Skincare Aqua Intense Cream is a luxurious night cream, designed to nourish the skin whilst providing long-lasting antioxidants, and a healthy skin barrier against environmental factors. It also claims to soften, moisturise and help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while leaving you with a natural glow.

It’s packaged within a beautiful, frosted mint plastic jar which looks so luxe and pretty on my vanity. I love super rich moisturisers, and this is such an amazing moisturiser. It leaves a lovely softness to the skin, just how your skin feels after using a moisturising face mask. It’s one of richest moisturisers I’ve tried, and it’s going to be even more perfect as the temperatures get cooler over the coming weeks.

Syrene Skincare Brand Introduction & ReviewsSyrene Skincare Brand Introduction & Reviews

Syrene Skincare Aqua Restore Eye Essence  3ml £16

The last of the three Syrene Skincare products I’ve been trying is the Syrene Skincare Aqua Restore Eye Essence. It’s an eye gel which helps to restore the skin’s elasticity to smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Syrene claim you only need a droplet to help firm, brighten and reduce the appearance of dark circles under the eyes.

It’s described as being a beautiful moisturising essence that calms to combat puffiness, leaving eyes refreshed. It has more of a gel-cream formula, which feels lightweight yet hydrating to help plump the skin.

I haven’t noticed an improvement in my dark circles, but my dark circles look like bruises they’re so dark, and eye creams in general never really make a difference, but if you have light to moderate dark circles, I imagine the Syrene Skincare Aqua Restore Eye Essence would really help. It does however minimise any dehydration lines, works amazingly under makeup and it doesn’t migrate into your eyes like some eye creams do. It’s a beautiful eye gel, and I love all three of the Syrene Skincare products I’ve tried, and their holographic seashell packaging.

You can find Syrene Skincare right here on their website directly, but also on Harvey Nichols website too.

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