What Your Post-Lockdown Hair Care Routine Really Needs

What Your Post-Lockdown Hair Care Routine Really Needs

How has your lockdown hair been? 

Lockdown hair has been a rollercoaster of emotions. Without the attention and care of our favourite hairstylists, most of us have found it challenging to manage overgrown hair. The cute pixie cut you had at the beginning of the year is now reaching past your shoulders. Oops. If you had your hair dyed before lockdown, chances are that you’ve booked an appointment as soon as hair salons reopened to cover up your roots and mask those pesky greys. 

But the worst of us has been the freedom to experiment. Of course, it can be fun to temporarily dye your hair bubblegum pink or arctic blue, until you realise that the non-permanent dye has stained through the hair. 

The bottom line: most of us have hoped an appointment at the hairdresser would be able to fix all the lockdown problems. But if it hasn’t, you need to upgrade your hair care routine to give your hair the attention it needs to heal and recover. 

What Your Post-Lockdown Hair Care Routine Really Needs

Repair in depth

If you’ve been looking for a product that can make your hair smooth and manageable again, the secret to your success will depend on the type of damage you’re dealing with. Most hairdressers use Olaplex products to prepare hair for styling and give a healthy finish. Olaplex are expensive products that are designed specifically to repair, protect and strengthen.

The active ingredients can help rebuild broken hair bonds and protect the hair follicle from further damage. Yet, it comes with a hefty price tag, which makes Olaplex a great choice to kickstart your repair journey. But once your hair is healthier, you can switch to cost-effective treatment on a weekly basis. The critical lesson to learn is that no shampoo or conditioner can fix damage as effectively as repair hair care products. Ideally, you want to invest in a long-term treatment routine to reverse damage fully. 

Chase build-ups everywhere

Scalp build-ups can clog your hair follicles, leading to greasy roots, and even causing hair loss. Scalp treatments can help to keep the area clean and remove product build-ups from styling or over-conditioning. But there is no point investing in a helpful treatment if you don’t sort out the rest of your hair routine. Keeping hairbrushes clean will avoid greasiness and scalp build-ups.

The same principle applies to the rest of your bathroom. If you use a towel to dry your hair, it’s a good idea to replace it after each hair wash. Do you have a bathtub? If so, you need to get those pipes fully cleared with professional plumbing services as you don’t want clogged-up pipes to bring back dirt particles into the bathwater. It can invisibly stick on your hair.

What Your Post-Lockdown Hair Care Routine Really Needs

Hair vitamins can only go that far

Hair vitamins can do wonders for your hair and nail health. But they should come as an addition to a healthy diet. Did you know that some foods can help keep your hair strong? Nuts, avocado, and eggs are filled with nutrients that can repair damage, strengthen hair bonds, and reduce hair fall. Salmon is your go-to fish for healthy hair growth. In short, condition your locks to look their best. 

Recovering from experimentations and somehow bad dieting choices during lockdown can be challenging. But if you focus your attention on addressing each issue, from breakage to build-ups, you can recover the glossy, shiny, and healthy hair of your dreams.

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