Does CoolSculpting Work to Make Buttocks Leaner?

Many of us invest a lot of time, effort and money is keeping our bodies in tip top condition, and rightly so. Your body is the only one you will get, so keeping it as healthy as possible is always a good idea.

Sometimes, no matter how much exercise you do, and however accurately you count your calories and make healthy choices, you can still have areas on your body that seem to hold onto body fat.

For these circumstances, there are cosmetic treatments available that can help you with that, such as CoolSculpting, which we’ll talk more about now.

Does CoolSculpting Work to Make Buttocks Leaner

What Is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a procedure that has been around for a couple of decades now, but following approval for use by the general public in 2010, has risen vastly in popularity.

CoolSculptnig is a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment that can be carried out at a licensed clinic in just a few hours, and there is no recovery time, meaning your day can go on as normal. The method used for this procedure is formally known as cryolipolysis, which means killing fat with cold temperatures.

In the case of CoolSculpting, cold is applied to the body via two metal or plastic panels, which hold the fat between them, and then the temperature is reduced to zero degrees Celsius, or just above. This temperature means that the fat cells are frozen, which causes them to die, but no harm comes to the skin, or other structures in the area.

Once frozen, the adipose tissue starts to die, and the body, sensing there is something that is no longer needed, removes the dead cells in the same way that it removes any unwanted substances, through the liver and kidneys.

Does CoolSculpting Work to Make Buttocks Leaner

What Areas Can Be CoolSculpted?

CoolSculpting is specifically designed to target specific areas that have stubborn fat that won’t go no matter how much exercise you do.

The most common areas to work on are the lower back, upper arms, under the chin, and abdominal areas, as these areas are often problem ones for holding on to unwanted fat. CoolSculpting is often used to freeze fat off your buttock area, as this is another place that tends to hold on to fat.

CoolSculpting is ideal for the buttock area, as it is a small area, and is fairly easy to fit between the two plates that apply the cold. Fat reduction is usually expected to be around the 25% mark, so this could make a significant difference to your buttock area, and help you feel more confident.

Are The Results Permanent?

As we have already mentioned, CoolSculpting sees a reduction in fat by about 25%, depending on the area being treated. The results of a treatment are permanent – kind of. They are permanent because the treatment causes the fat cells in that area to die, and once they are dead and removed from the body, those cells cannot return, so in this way, a CoolSculpting treatment is permanent.

However, should you gain weight, then you could gain fat back into the area that has been worked on, so it is important to continue looking after your body after the treatment.

What Are The Risks?

As with anything, there are always risks with being aware of. Coolsculptng is generally considered to be a very safe cosmetic procedure, with no huge associated risks. However, if you do have certain medical conditions, are pregnant or breastfeeding, then you would not be suitable to have this procedure performed.

You should always have a thorough consultation with a registered and licensed doctor, who will go through your medical history, and let you know if you are suitable for a CoolSculpting procedure. A doctor will also always inform you of the risks, and what results are realistically achievable for you.

Immediately after having a CoolSculptng treatment completed, you may find that you suffer from some bruising, tenderness and redness, but this should get better in a matter of days.

Some patients find that they suffer with a constant tingling sensation, likened to pins and needles in the treatment area, whilst others have a complete loss of sensation in the area. However, these side effects usually disappear on their own, with no treatment, within fourteen days.

There is a much rarer side effect, known as paradoxical adipose hyperplasia, or PAH, which means that after a CoolSculpting procedure, more fat is deposited at the treatment area, rather than fat disappearing. It is unclear exactly why this happens, and studies remain ongoing.

If you decide that you want to have this treatment, make sure to do your research, and have a consultation with a reputable doctor before going ahead.

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