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Jewelry Style Tips You Need to Know

It’s no secret that all of us most likely have plenty of jewelry pieces in our collections. However, sometimes, we simply don’t feel inspired enough to combine all the pieces into a cohesive look. Sometimes, we just need a bit of additional help to make it all make sense.

That’s when you can easily turn to some well-known jewelry style tips for additional inspiration. With these, you can rest assured that your jewelry will be well paired and look elegant. That being said, here are just some tips to keep in mind.

Jewelry Style Tips You Need to Know

Layers are always in style

No matter if we’re talking about clothes or jewelry, it seems like the layered look will simply never go out of style. By choosing contrasting lengths, sizes and textures you will create a stunning look. For instance, choose delicate bands for the majority of your fingers and then spice things up with a beautiful gemstone ring. You can easily find more information about such pieces by simply browsing the web. On the other hand, combine and contrast a long necklace with a statement choker and a dainty mid-length chain to bring more interest to your neck embellishments. By layering it up you’ll have more fun putting together the look and may even inspire your friends to try the same.

Jewelry Style Tips You Need to Know

Know how much is too much

Keep in mind that although you can wear plenty of jewelry pieces at once, you can still overdo it if you’re not careful. Ideally, choose a single area of your body where you want to draw the most attention to. This can either be your ears, neck, hands or arms. So, if you’re trying to draw attention to – let’s say – your hands with layered rings or bangles, you really don’t need layered necklaces and statement earrings as well. Instead, choose one type of jewelry to layer and accessorize with and keep the rest minimal. As Coco Chanel would say: “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory”.

Don’t forget your earrings

We usually forget to pay enough attention to our earrings. And while it’s perfectly fine to wear a single pair all of the time, you should still swap them out for something more fitting when you’re putting together a certain look. Not only do we tend to forget to change out our earrings but some of us even forget to put them on. However, such a small detail can really affect the end result and make a huge difference. So, the next time you’re playing with your jewelry, make sure to remember these pieces as well. 

Dare to mix metals

In not so distant past, mixing metals was considered a big no-no. However, then someone dared to commit this (once believed) “fashion sin” and people realized that the look is actually great! Nowadays, even the fashion police is on our side, saying that there really is no need to stick to just a single precious metal. Instead, you can easily combine different kinds of metals and create a coherent look that will not only look stunning, but fun and daring as well. So, if this is something you’ve always wanted to try out but never got the courage to “break the rules” now’s the perfect time to do so!

While these style tips are always there to have your back when you don’t really feel inspired, they are not the rules. That means that if you personally don’t agree with some – or any – of them, you can easily choose to ignore them. The jewelry we choose to wear is quite personal and it should reflect our style.

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