Top European Short City Breaks

Life might not be ‘normal’ again yet, but we do, for the time being, have a little bit more freedom when it comes to travel. Whilst you might not feel ready to restart your travel adventures, now is the perfect time to think about the locations on your travel bucket list for 2021. Things might still be a little up in the air next year, but it’s nice to dream and think about the places you’d like to visit, and look into some great city break deals with Voyage Privé to give you an idea of cost.

Top European Short City Breaks


I loved visiting Milan, and would really love to go back as the city has so much to offer. It’s the kind of place you could never be bored with whilst visiting, and it’s conveniently located so that you can take a train to Lake Como should you wish to the beautiful scenery that has been the backdrop for many of films. Rome is the capital of Italy, but Milan is seen as being the fashion, art and food capital with considerably less tourists than say Rome or Venice.

Milan has a great underground subway, which allows you to travel across the city ticking off your must-see locations as you go. Nobody can visit Milan without taking in the breathtaking Duomo Cathedral, which is the largest cathedral in the whole of Italy. The architecture is incredible, and visitors are even able to visit the rooftop, for a special view of the city.


Dublin is my next recommendation for the top European short city break locations. Dublin is a medieval city, with a fascinating history. Dublin also is home to one of the world’s best small museums; Chester Beatty Library, which Lonely Planet described as “not just the best museum in Dublin, but one of the best in Europe.”

If you’re a Guinness fan, the Guinness Storehouse is a must-visit, with a seven-storey visitor experience which tells the story of Ireland’s iconic drink and beings to life the heritage of this world famous beer.

Top European Short City Breaks


Barcelona is a city I’ve never had the pleasure of visiting, but it’s very much on my travel bucket list as I love Spain. Las Ramblas is said to be one of the longest and most famous main streets in Europe. Las Ramblas stretches for 1.2 km connecting the Plaça de Catalunya in its center with the Christopher Columbus Monument at Port Vell.

There’s a lot to see at Las Ramblas, and you can hire a bike to explore the area, and there’s five cycle rental locations in Barcelona alone. No visit to Barcelona would be complete without a visit to the La Boqueria – an iconic, bustling market with delicious culinary delights.

Top European Short City Breaks


Dubrovnik has soared in popularity in the last five years, and has become the hottest location for tourists to visit within Croatia. Dubrovnik is beautiful and very scenic, and there’s a fantastic cable car which allows you to enjoy the beautiful coastline and sea. If you enjoy the nightlife aspect when travelling, Dubrovnik has an abundance of bars and clubs which come to life once the sun goes down.

Top European Short City Breaks


Amsterdam is my last recommendation of top European short city break locations. You can now get the Eurostar direct from London to Amsterdam in just 3 hours and 55 minutes. If you’d rather take a flight, it only takes 75 minutes and Amsterdam has so much to offer. They have great art galleries and museums such as the Van Gogh Museum, which is a must see. In addition to the museums, Amsterdam also boasts of art hotels (Van Gogh studied here), offering amazing art displays to enjoy during your stay. If you’re a foodie, Amsterdam has twelve Michelin star restaurants, and the nightlife has something for everyone.

I really hope you’ve found this Top European Short City Breaks round-up to be helpful.

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