Why Is Your Hair Still Growing after Laser Hair Removal?

For those who are rather new to cosmetic surgery. Laser hair removal makes use of intense heat to destroy hair follicles and stun hair growth. The hair follicle will become stagnant and will be unable to produce hair growth. This procedure has shown that it drastically affects the amount of times you have to wax, pluck or shave.  The average growth for hair is around half a inch per month. Also hair growth is connected to cycles these cycles length ranges from eight to ten weeks.

Why Is Your Hair Still Growing after Laser Hair Removal

Your facial hair has a shorter growth cycle, it typically grows within a four week cycle, whereas hair grows according to wikipedia in eight to ten week cycles. This is why it is very important to maintain a constant treatment schedule, which can amount up to seven sessions in a month. The most commonly asked question is why my hair is still growing after laser hair removal? The main aim of this article is to enlighten people about hair growth cycles, how many treatments you should receive and inevitably answer the question on why you will still experience hair growth!

Hair Growth Cycles

For the treatment to be successful, the hair must be in the Anagen stage, which is called in simpler terms, the growing stage. In this stage the hair on your skin is visible and easy to remove. In regard to laser treatment it will grab hold of living hair on your skin, the beam will then move through a piece of hair making its way into the hair follicle. For these reasons it’s the best time for laser hair removal. The second stage is called the Catagen stage, this stage is just before your hair falls out naturally.

It’s important to note that the hair that falls out is not because of any treatment, but it occurs naturally, before your hair starts falling out. The final stage is called the Telogen stage, this widely referred to by clinics as the resting stage. Hair in this stage is not growing or developing under your skin.

You can also not see hair above the surface, which means as your hair enters this stage, it makes it impossible to remove hair with laser treatment. It’s important to note that these cycles are affected, by your age your hormones and the natural rate your hair grows. Each person’s hair growth cycle differs, to make this treatment even more difficult each hair can be in a different growth cycle, making it impossible to remove hair with only one treatment.

Why Is Your Hair Still Growing after Laser Hair Removal

What happens to hair after the treatment?

After your first treatment session, after seven days or even thirty days your hair bulb will start to recover and come out again. This causes goosebump-like red spots that look similar to ingrown hairs, because now your body is pushing out your hair follicle. In some cases the hair remains trapped beneath the skin.

This is commonly perceived that your hair is growing back, however it’s  actually your body trying to move your hair towards the surface, for natural removal. In some cases hair growth does happen, it’s important not to use  a tweezer, rather to wait until the next time you go for a treatment, and let the guys at the clinic remove it.

With regard to hairs that are not actively growing you can use a piece of cotton and make use of circular movements to remove any dead hair. If there are still some pesky hairs, wait until they naturally fall out or it can lead to serious skin irritation.  If you are interested in Brazilian treatments be sure to check out this Brazilian laser hair removal services in New Jersey

Why is my hair growing back?

The main reason is because of the patient’s hair growth cycle. Some hairs as mentioned above are in different phases. Hairs that are in the active stage will be affected by the treatment, whilst hair that is currently in  the dormant stage will not in any way or form influence hair growth.

As soon as the hair goes back to the active stage hair growth will be exactly the same as before. This is why it is very important if you want to see significant results you should visit your clinic regularly. An optimal treatment schedule should be one session after four of six weeks. After you finish your first round of treatments, it’s important to book touch up treatments every six to twelve months. 

To Summarise

Hair growth at this point in time is not entirely removable, although it would be fantastic, it’s still not possible yet, but with regular visits, you will definitely slow down your hair growth massively. 

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