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5 Reasons You Need T-Shirts In Your Wardrobe

It’s an awkward time weather wise. Officially it’s fall / autumn, but the temperatures feel pretty wintery. I find this time of year to be the most difficult when deciding on outfits, as it’s never the same weather every day. T-shirts are a fabulous wardrobe staple for men and women, and I’m going to share 5 reasons you need a selection of t-shirts in your wardrobe.

5 Reasons You Need T-Shirts In Your Wardrobe

5 Reasons You Need T-Shirts In Your Wardrobe

Kicking off the t-shirt appreciation post, with the first reason; convenience. T-shirts are amazingly convenient in terms of maintenance. They’re easy to wash, easy to iron and easy to wear. They’re particularly great when you’re going on holiday, as they don’t crease in your case, which is why they’re such a great wardrobe essential.

You don’t have to worry about laundry directions, are they’re so simple to wash and care for which is always a bonus. Many can be just thrown in the washing machine without needing to be tumble dried or washed separately, as most t-shirts are made from cotton which is known for being such a versatile, easy-to-care for fabric.

T-shirts are super popular right now, especially graphic tees. They grab attention, always look good and can be dressed up or dressed down, making them a great wardrobe staple. You don’t have to spend a fortune to find quality graphic tees either.

5 Reasons You Need T-Shirts In Your Wardrobe

My personal favourite reason for why everyone needs a great selection of t-shirts in your wardrobe, is how easy they layer. They’re the perfect layering piece, and that’s exactly what we need in Autumn right now with the changing weathers. They layer well under shirts, blouses, jackets and dresses, and they’re definitely an essential in my wardrobe.

My next reason is all about working from home. Those of us that are having to work from home right now, don’t want to be wearing uncomfortable clothes, but you still want to feel put together. T-shirts are perfect for that, because you can find smart t-shirts or casual t-shirts, depending on your personal preferences when it comes to your working from home attire.

My last reason why you need t-shirts in your wardrobe is all about versatility. There are so many different t-shirt styles, that you’re guaranteed to find a style or cut that flatters your body shape and style. You can have gym t-shirts for when you want to work out, long sleeve t-shirts for when the temperatures drop, tank tops are great for layering or for wearing during the summer or on the beach, and no matter what style you go for, you’re guaranteed to be comfortable.

I personally like plain tees layered under dresses for a more relaxed vibe, but I also like and appreciate how you can dress up a plain black tee with some jeans and boots to elevate your outfit in seconds. T-shirts look good no matter what you’re wearing, or the occasion you’re wearing them for, and that’s why they’ll forever be a staple within my wardrobe all year round.

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