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8 Wonderful Gifts for a Husband this Christmas

Finding the perfect gift for a loved one is always difficult, and even more so when that loved one is the person you are married to. While women are generally better at selecting gifts than men, every year, wives face the difficult task of choosing a gift that their husband will love and every year the choice becomes more challenging. That is why we have gathered together a list of gift ideas that is sure to have something on it for every budget and taste.

8 Wonderful Gifts for a Husband this Christmas

Unique Drinking Accessories

For the gentleman who enjoys the finer things in life, unique drinking accessories are always sure to be a hit. For whiskey connoisseurs, the Glencairn Whisky Glass was specially crafted by a group of master blenders from Scotland to give the drinker the ultimate whiskey experience. With a thick base designed to prevent the contents of the glass warming up while being handled, and tapered bowl channels designed to channel the aroma of the drink towards the rim, this glass is the perfect gift for the man who enjoys a nightcap of the finest that whisky makers have to offer.

A New Gaming Console

For the modern man, gaming is a common but oftentimes expensive hobby that is enjoyed by people the world over. Thanks to the release of new flagship models for industry heavyweights Microsoft and Sony this year, 2020 is the perfect time to upgrade a husband’s mancave with a new gaming console.

Coming from Sony, the Playstation 5 promises gamers new gaming possibilities with their most powerful unit yet. Capable of offering 8K viewing options, 4K-TV gaming and up to 120fps with 120Hz output, the new console is a major step up from the previous model.

For Microsoft fans, the Xbox Series X is the most powerful machine in the Xbox line-up so far with specs almost comparable to Sony’s new unit. One of the key selling features of the new Xbox is the ability for players to continue playing their favourite last-gen titles on the new console (with updated graphics that make use of the console’s new architecture) as well as better cross-platform compatibility with PC players.

Quirky Retro-Style Technology

The nostalgia factor is important to consider when looking for a unique gift for someone. That is where retro technology with a next-gen twist comes into play. From retro turntables with the ability to connect wirelessly to speakers using Bluetooth technology to old-school arcade machines that use new technology to deliver a new gaming experience, any tech-savvy man will be thrilled to unwrap a piece of history that he can use today. Searching for retro-style gadgets on any reputable online store is sure to bring up a host of options but some of our favourites include Moog’s Sub Phattysynthesizer, which blends vintage features with modern functionality, and the iPad Classic Cabinet Music Center from Hammacher which not only allows users to play music from a docked device but also includes an FM radio and CD player for the old-school music lovers.

8 Wonderful Gifts for a Husband this Christmas

Custom Puzzles

You’ve heard of custom stationery and custom glassware but what about a different type of custom gift this year in the form of a puzzle. Personalised photo puzzles are a great way to share memories with a person while also giving them a gift that not only helps improve their mental speed but can also help improve their short-term memory.

Luxury Timepieces

For the shoppers with a little bit extra to spend, luxury watches have long been a popular gift idea thanks to their beauty, the class they add to any outfit, and the rich history they carry. When spending money on a watch of this calibre, shoppers must only buy from reputable online stores to ensure they are getting what they pay for. Outlets such as Chronext, a company built around people with a passion for superb timepieces, carries a huge range of Day-Date watches by Rolex and other designer brands. Chronext prides itself on offering clients access to original pieces from a wide selection of brands on a platform that is easy to use.

New Equipment for His Favourite Hobby

When it comes to gift ideas, practical gifts are a great way to show that you care. From custom golf clubs for the man who enjoys spending time on the local greens, to a fancy new tent for the camping man, there is a huge range of options to choose from when it comes to picking up a new gift for the active man.

Custom Silverware and Knives

For the men who enjoy spending time in the kitchen, good quality custom silverware can make for an exciting addition to the Christmas gift pile. The true essence of the practical gift, specially crafted, high-quality knives, such as the Gin and Tonic Knife from Legacy Silver, can be personalised with laser etching to make the gift even more special.

Classes in a New Hobby

For those looking to move away from physical gift ideas, giving the gift of knowledge is always an exciting possibility. Whether it’s classes in a new musical instrument, online lessons that teach programming, or even a cookery class at the local culinary school, giving the gift of a new skill is something that no man is sure to forget.

With a bit of research and some insight into their likes and dislikes, buying a gift for the special man in your life doesn’tneed to be a complicated or expensive affair. Make this Christmas special by choosing a gift that they will love because it comes from the heart.

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