Five Beauty Essentials Necessary For Your Cruise Vacation

You always want to look your best on vacation, and a cruise is no exception. If anything, a cruise vacation offers even more opportunities to get dressed up and look the part, particularly if your ship offers elegant evening entertainment and fine dining restaurants.

Of course, it isn’t always possible to pack up absolutely everything from your make-up and beauty regime, but there are a few essential products that can make all the difference, particularly for the various situations you’ll find yourself in on a cruise. These are five of the most important beauty essentials necessary for your cruise vacation.

Five Beauty Essentials Necessary For Your Cruise Vacation

Facial wipes

Facial wipes are the ultimate travel beauty essential. Easy to use, totally portable, and quick, they are the best way to keep your face feeling fresh and clean while onboard your cruise ship. You can stick them in a rucksack or handbag, so whether you are taking a stroll through Croatia markets or having lunch on a beach in the Caribbean, you’ll always be able to cleanse without any trouble at all.

BB cream

Packing light for a cruise can be tricky when you have to include primer, foundation, moisturizer, and so on. One way of getting around filling your cosmetics bag to bursting point is to invest in BB creams. Described as ‘tinted moisturizers on steroids’ these magical creams do pretty much everything, and some even include colour correction, allowing you to free up even more space! 

Five Beauty Essentials Necessary For Your Cruise Vacation

SPF foundation

One of the main trials for your skin on a cruise is sunburn and weather damage. Your face might well take a bit of a battering, with salt water, sea breezes, and hot sun combining to make protecting your skin quite a challenge. One way to deal with at least one of these issues is with a foundation with SPF protection, which will protect your skin and smooth fine lines and wrinkles at the same time. One thing to remember when getting a vacation foundation – you will probably be a bit more tanned than usual, so consider picking a darker tone than normal. 

Five Beauty Essentials Necessary For Your Cruise Vacation

Waterproof mascara

Spending a vacation at sea, even on a luxury cruise ship, means that you will likely get a little wet at some point. Whether swimming off the beach during a shore excursion or enjoying the salty spray while watching the sunset, your makeup might have to withstand a little more moisture than usual. Invest in some waterproof mascara (and some waterproof eyeliner too, why not?) and ensure that your hard work doesn’t get washed away at the first opportunity. 

Solid shampoo

Travelling with your favourite shampoo usually means decanting into a number of small plastic bottles, taking up space in your wash bag, and inevitably leading to the odd leak with your entire bag smelling of shampoo. Why not switch it up, and try a solid shampoo instead? They are incredibly portable, will never leak, and best of all are great for the environment and protecting the oceans from plastic pollution – something that might be closer to your heart after a few weeks at sea!

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