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How to Promote Your Blog Posts Using Social Media

Everyone knows just how powerful a tool social media has become. Especially if you’re looking to promote something or someone with it.

In recent years, Instagram has grown to be a great marketing ground for young businesses and future big names. And as it turns out, many businesses and brands use the power of blog posts and text to further promote, explain, and review their products. Plus, blog posts are a great way to create a lot of buzz around your name.

Are you ready to create even more traffic through social media? Great! That’s exactly what we will be discussing today! To start things off on a good note, let’s begin with where all the buzz currently stands…

How to Promote Your Blog Posts Using Social Media

Promote Your Words On Instagram

There are so many ways to use this platform’s visual goodness to promote your blogs. It all depends on how close to the mainframe your blog posts are.

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are probably the best window of opportunity if you want your word to travel fast. More so, the Swipe Up feature is even better. It allows your audience to directly be taken to the blog post in question, which heightens the chances of your blog being visited and read.

But if you don’t have that 10k block-buster feature, a simple screenshot complemented with some cute and relevant GIFs is good enough. For a more memorable effect, make sure to save all your blog related posts on an Instagram Story Highlight! This way, new faces can be introduced to all of your previous work, and potentially, give it a read!


You can also make an IGTV discussing the topic in question, depending on how deep and discussion-worthy the matter is. Folks love to binge-watch IGTV!

How to Promote Your Blog Posts Using Social Media

Instagram Lives 

These are the absolute best for boosting engagement and poking interest in newer, less active users. Its purpose is to openly discuss the topic with your followers. Answer a couple of questions and engage in thought-provoking subjects!

Either way, start talking about your blogs with your audience and try to build interest and hype. The more folks come across your page, the bigger the Live gets! An Instagram marketing service could really help you out with expanding your future list of readers. Give it a go!

Email Marketing

This one is an internet old-school method of promotion. Again, Instagram plays an insanely big role here, helping you come across and collect the best kind of users, specifically targeted for your brand.

Many people, brands, and bigger influencers we follow tend to leave their business email in their Instagram Bio. Collecting these emails from an already well-targeted bunch is the first part. The second bit is coming up with an engaging email template promoting your blog!

When you’re done, simply send all of them a piece of your blog and hope for the best! Instagram and email promotion is the best way to get your word across. Plus, many of the world’s biggest corporations do it.


These are like visual promotional emails, which are great for grabbing your users’ attention. Creative designs and clever wordplay really go a long way.

Twitter & Threads

This one was heavily popularized by the younger generation of internet users. Whatever’s happening within pop culture can most likely be found in a thread on Twitter somewhere. You can use this cheeky invention to promote your own blog! So, what is a Twitter thread?

It’s a composed tweet, filled with several or even dozens of sub-tweets, explaining a phenomenon or diving deep into a topic. You can do exactly this for some of your lengthier and more thought-provoking blogs. Since Twitter is one of the most interactive platforms on the internet, users and interested folks will want to engage in the conversation and even check out the full thing, a.k.a, the linked blog.

We hope these clever tricks helped you promote your texts. Don’t forget to let us know what you think and good luck!

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