A Hole In The Head: Finding Unique Piercings For Your Body

Body modification has been popular for tens of thousands of years. This form of artwork predates many of humanity’s largest achievements, with people using bark, sticks, and stones to decorate their bodies before basic foods like bread were discovered.

In the modern world, though, this sort of art has moved away from tradition, with a lot of people choosing to get things like piercings because they like the way they look. To help you to find unique options to use when you are looking at piercings, this post will be exploring some of the most out-there options available on the modern market.

A Hole In The Head Finding Unique Piercings For Your Body


Ear stretchers are one of the oldest and most widely found piercing options in the world. Starting with a normal hole, people work towards making much larger holes by using rounded pieces known as stretchers. Holes like this can still heal up, but this will take much longer than with normal earrings. It’s always worth looking for an expert to help with modifications like this, as some people experience infections when they try to do it on their own.

A Hole In The Head Finding Unique Piercings For Your Body

Mouth Piercings

Tongue piercings are often avoided, even by those who have a lot of piercings, simply because it looks like it would make life hard. In reality, though, many of the options you can find on the market are very subtle, making it easy to eat and talk without having to take them out. You can learn more about mouth piercing there’s more information here, but it will be worth doing some research before you go down this route for yourself.

A Hole In The Head Finding Unique Piercings For Your Body

Belly Buttons

Your belly button is easy to hide, making it a good place for a piercing if you don’t want it to be on display all the time. You can choose from simple studs or much more elaborate designs for this type of piercing, giving you a wealth of options to choose from when you go down this route. Much like the other options on this list, you should always seek a professional when you want a piercing like this, saving you the trouble of infections and other problems down the line.

Other Skin

Modern piercing tools have been designed in such a way that most people can get piercings just about anywhere on their body. There are a couple of exceptions, like your teeth and throat, but this doesn’t really limit you if you want to go as far as others have gone. For example, corset piercings that go all the way up a person’s back are very common, being something you can hide without having to take them out.

Piercings and other body modifications are only going to get more popular in the future. Gone are the days when people would struggle to get jobs thanks to this sort of artwork, leaving them with practically no downsides as long as you like the way they look.

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