Why Hand Sanitiser Is an Handbag Essential

Earlier this year, when the global crisis first struck, it was near on impossible to get hold of any hand sanitiser which was an absolute nightmare. We all need to protect ourselves, and the importance of using antibacterial hand gels was publicised, but we just couldn’t purchase it anywhere due to everywhere selling out.

Why Hand Sanitiser Is an Handbag Essential

So what is antibacterial hand gel? According to Wiki, it is a liquid, gel, or foam generally used to decrease infectious agents on the hands. Whilst handwashing with soap and water is always recommended, there are times when handwashing just isn’t possible such as being on public transport or being in the middle of a shop, but you still want to protect yourself.

Hand sanitisers (or hand sanitizers if you’re American) can be applied to dry hands, without needing to use water. You simply dispense a generous amount of gel into your palm, and massage the gel into the skin, ensuring to thoroughly cover the entirety of your hands and fingers.

It dries quickly, and means you can kill bacteria on your hands without needing access to soap and water. Due to the high alcohol content needed within hand sanitisers in order for them to be potent enough to kill bacteria, they can be very drying on the hands. Which is where hand sanitisers like the Palm+ Hand Sanitiser are super helpful.

Why Hand Sanitiser Is an Handbag Essential

The Palm+ Hand Sanitiser is a moisturising antibacterial gel made with over 60% alcohol and tested in accordance with BS EN 1276:2009. It is effective against a wide range of bacteria, and also helps to reduce the spread of infection by hands.

It’s a vegan friendly hand sanitiser, as well as being cruelty free, and packaged within 50% recycled plastic packaging, so it’s kinder on the environment than the average hand gel. Plus it’s only £2.85 for 100ml, with 62% alcohol content, so you know it’s going to be effective at killing germs and bacteria on the hands.

By keeping a high quality hand sanitiser in your handbag, you can have peace of mind that you can quickly and easily kill bacteria whilst on the go. It’s also good practice to use an antibacterial hand gel before applying your skincare and makeup, to also ensure you’re not transferring bacteria onto your face, especially if you suffer from breakouts.

You can find Palm+ Hand Sanitiser right here.

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