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How Much Does It Cost To Reroof A Garage?

Do you need to find out the cost of installing a new garage roof? This article analyses the cost of various materials used for garage roofing. We also examine how much it would cost to hire a professional to change or install new garage roofing.

How Much Does It Cost To Reroof A Garage

Why Your Garage Roof Should Be Replaced

There are a number of reasons why a garage roof may need to be replaced. It may have been exposed to damage as a result of an accident or bad weather. Or maybe it is just worn out from being out in the open for years and enduring all the pressure from the often harsh weather of Great Britain. It could also be that you moved into an older house, and you feel like a little makeover is needed on the property.

Consider replacing an older garage roof

There is a high probability that it will contain asbestos. It is common knowledge that asbestos is regarded as unsafe material these days, especially when it is damaged. The substance can be hazardous to the health over time if it gets into the lungs.

An already damaged or worn out asbestos can create more problems if your garage is further exposed to weather elements, especially the rains. A leaking garage roof as well as long-term contact with moisture can cause sogginess and build-up of mould. This can be a very serious problem if the garage is linked to the main building, causing sogginess and mould to spread into your home. Other problems that a damaged and leaking garage roof can lead to include rotten timber and domestic accidents which can happen as a result of slippery surfaces.

There are several options to go with when you decide to employ a professional to work on your garage roof. You can either hire a professional roofing company,  builder, or trained roofer. We suggest that you review quotes from all options to choose the most competitive rate. However, a tradesman is the one to offer you a better, more competitive deal.

How Much Does It Cost To Reroof A Garage

The Cost of Replacing a Garage Roof

The cost of materials to replace a garage roof for a single garage flat roof replacement is £450, while the labour cost is £350. Materials for a double garage flat roof cost £700 and labour charges are £350. If you want to do a full replacement on a single garage, the cost of materials is £900, and labour is £350.

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