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Aldi Lacura Miracle Oil Review

I’m on a mission to try as many Aldi beauty products as possible, after being wowed by a number of their products.

The Aldi Lacura Miracle Oil is a product I’ve seen featured on TikTok many times in beauty dupe themed videos.

It’s marketed as being a dupe for the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Miracle Oil. The Elizabeth Arden version is £29 for 100ml, and the Aldi version is just £4.99 for 100ml, which is a massive, massive saving.

Aldi Lacura Miracle Oil Review

Aldi Lacura Miracle Oil

Aldi is hard to talk about as a blogger, as their products are launched and discontinued insanely quick. Except products aren’t discontinued forever like most brands. Instead they discontinue, then bring the product back months or even years later.

Aldi Lacura Miracle Oil Review

The Aldi Lacura Miracle Oil isn’t available on the Aldi website right now, but it’s possible you could still find it instore, or it’ll reappear magically in the future.

Aldi Lacura Miracle Oil Review

Ideal for use on all skin types, this Lacura Miracle Oil Spray is just the thing for a quick pamper session. Super versatile, this spray can be used to pamper the face, body and hair, providing relief from dry and rough skin. Leaving no oily residue, inject new shine and radiance to your face, body and hair with this amazing miracle spray.

The Aldi Lacura Miracle Oil is packaged within a clear plastic bottle, with a pump dispenser. I have to admit, I don’t like the packaging.

The pump doesn’t shut securely enough, so it leaks if it’s not completely upright, but that could just be an issue with my one bottle, and not an issue for everyone.

It’s designed to be a multi-use oil which can be used on the hair, hands, face or body and claims to not have a greasy residue.

I do find it to be a little greasy, but it is nicely hydrating. I haven’t enjoyed using it in my hair as it is a little greasy for my liking, but for the skin, it’s lovely.

Aldi Lacura Miracle Oil Review

I do own the original Elizabeth Arden version (review coming soon) and whilst they’re similar in that they’re yellow coloured oils, and can be used on the hair and skin, I don’t actually find the Aldi Lacura Miracle Oil to be a dupe.

I have found some dupes from Aldi, but this one isn’t unfortunately, it’s just similar. I personally prefer the Elizabeth Arden version, as it’s a lot more hydrating and offers long lasting results. But for £4.99, it’s not a bad oil, and I’m glad I gave it a go.

You can find the Aldi Lacura Miracle Oil right here.

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