Catrice Brow Fix Soap Stylist Review

Catrice Brow Fix Soap Stylist Review

The Catrice Brow Fix Soap Stylist launched back in March, and I was intrigued to see what the formula was like. Essence also launched a soap brow styler back in the spring, and to be completely honest, it was terrible (review here), and seeing as Catrice and Essence are sister brands, I wanted to see how the formulas compared.

Catrice Brow Fix Soap Stylist Review

Catrice Brow Fix Soap Stylist

The beauty secret for breathtaking full brows and maximum durability: The Brow Fix Soap Stylist not only gives the brows an instantly visible lifting effect, it is also super long-lasting. Simply spray some water or fixing spray on the product to slightly moisten the texture.

Then gently “lather up” the Brow Soap with a spoolie brush, distribute it on the eyebrows with the brush and bring them into the desired shape. This will make already very full brows appear even denser; if you have rather thin brows by nature, the Brow Soap provides fantastic volume in no time at all.

Catrice Brow Fix Soap Stylist Review

The Catrice Brow Fix Soap Stylist is just £3.95, and it’s a small, rectangular compact with a clear lid and contains 4.1g of ‘brow soap’ to help you achieve a soap brows effect. If you don’t know what soap brows are, it’s an old Hollywood makeup trip where you’d use a bar of soap (or wax) and a spoolie, and brush the soap through the brows to give them a feathered and fluffy finish.


  • To use the Catrice Brow Fix Soap Stylist, you simply spray the pan with a facial mist or makeup setting spray to lightly moisten the ‘soap’.
  • Then gently ‘lather’ the soap with a spoolie brush.
  • Brush the spoolie through the brows to evenly coat the brow hairs, and create the shape you want.

Catrice Brow Fix Soap Stylist Review

After trying the Essence Brow Soap, I didn’t have the highest of hopes for the Catrice Brow Fix Soap Stylist, but the formula is so much better. It doesn’t crumble like the Essence version, and once you’ve spritzed some facial mist or setting spray into the pan, and ‘fluff’ the surface of the soap with a spoolie, it does create a clear, sticky ‘glue’ which is easy to brush through your brows.

Right now, the Catrice Brow Fix Soap Stylist is only available in a clear ‘shade’ which is called 010 Full and Fluffy, but hopefully Catrice will launch some tinted versions in the near future, for those that prefer to use tinted brow soaps.

If you’ve been intrigued by the whole soap brows trend, but didn’t want to spend a lot on a brow soap from brands like Iconic London or Patrick Ta, I feel like this offering from Catrice is ideal, and it keeps my brows in place for at least six hours which is pretty good considering it’s only £3!

You can find the Catrice Brow Fix Soap Stylist right here.

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