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Atlanta: Unfolding The Charm Of The American South

Georgia, the largest city and capital of the US state, combines the old south with a large number of skyscrapers on its horizon. The cosmopolitan city of the USA has managed to maintain its historical character and is a city with significant economic growth while preserving the prestige of hosting the 1996 Summer Olympics. Its impressive natural landscape, full of rivers, lakes, vast green areas, myriad cultural attractions, and vibrant nightlife, makes it an ideal destination for travellers.

It is worth visiting its historic centre with important museums of the city, historic houses, and beautiful gardens, as well as the park dedicated to the memory of Martin Luther King Jr. The Georgia Aquarium, the world’s second-largest aquarium, hosts dancing dolphins, whale sharks and aquatic animals from around the world.

Atlanta Unfolding The Charm Of The American South

The traveller will tour the home of Margaret Mitchell, author of “What the Wind Takes,” one of Atlanta’s most important landmarks. With its picturesque streets, the city’s Botanical Garden, in a unique landscape of colours, dates back to the ’80s. Built in the 1920s, Fox Theatre hosts ballet, opera, and concert performances. Let’s see in a little more detail the most important places in the city of Atlanta that you must visit:

Atlanta Botanical Garden

You will enjoy over 30 acres of botanical lands in this location, together with your family. At night, thousands of LED lights create a magical atmosphere that you really have to experience up close. Rare species of flowers are kept in this wonderful garden, informing and educating you about all the rare species of flora that exist in nature. The garden area is also used for performances and educational courses.

Atlanta History Center

The Atlanta History Center is a vast expanse that includes one of the largest museums in all of America and other important buildings and venues. Throughout this vast expanse, one can find various trails to walk and enjoy a memorable route through green and flowery areas. Throughout the year, various cultural and educational events are organized in order to inform visitors about the rich history of the site. Incredible exhibitions are hosted in the spaces of its buildings with essential objects and exhibits.

Atlanta Unfolding The Charm Of The American South

Georgia Aquarium

Georgia Aquarium is a truly underwater paradise, where you can enjoy hundreds of different species of fish from around the world, which will enchant you. You can do so many activities in this huge aquarium that you really have to spend all day discovering all that it can offer you. With impressively large exhibits and countless amounts of water, it is an exceptional place for the presentation of marine life. Various shows and theatrical performances await you at its venue that will surely steal the show.

The city of Atlanta, of course, has a lot more to offer than what was presented. In such a rich city full of attractions and exciting activities, it is impossible to fit all the possible places you can visit. Above we have demonstrated its most important points, which you can all visit with your vehicle, as Atlanta is a large city and the distances between the sights are quite far apart.

In case you do not have a vehicle in your possession, you should turn to the solution of a rental car, choosing a company such as Enjoy Travel, which offers you safety and quality at the lowest market prices. And all this to put into practice your exploration trip to the city of Atlanta in Georgia.

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