5 Simple Beauty Treatments That Make You Feel A Million Dollars

The world is supposedly changing, and yet so many of us still feel that pressure to look a certain way and be Instagram-ready at all times. It’s hard to keep up! 

Of course, you should never feel pressure to change for anyone. But if tiny tweaks and minor improvements to your appearance could boost your confidence without going under the knife, treat yourself! We’ve gathered together five simple beauty treatments that make you feel like a million dollars.

5 Simple Beauty Treatments That Make You Feel A Million Dollars


Botox has been around for a while, and it’s a popular treatment for relaxing your facial muscles so that those pesky lines and wrinkles appear smooth.  The treatment lasts for around four months and usually costs upwards of £100 from an experienced practitioner. If you’d like to find out more, check out this NHS Botox guidance


Used to treat some of the same complaints as botox, laser skin treatments are becoming increasingly popular – partly through celebrity endorsements.  There are several different types to choose from, including gentle nonablative lasers and fractionated lasers that deliver pixelated light and heat – talk to a responsible dermatologist to decide what’s right for you.  

Spa detox

Our busy lives mean that our bodies accumulate unhealthy toxins – from unbalanced diets, stress, environmental pollution and umpteen other sources. 

But by treating yourself to a spa detox at a swish establishment like SHA wellness institute, you can purge all of those unhealthy substances with a personalised diet plan, natural therapies and supplements, as well as a new lifestyle programme you can continue in everyday life. 

5 Simple Beauty Treatments That Make You Feel A Million Dollars


Eyebrow tattoos have been popular for several years now, but in some instances they become misshapen or discoloured over time. 

However, microblading is a great alternative – it still works by placing ink under the skin, but not to as deep a level as tattoos, therefore it only lasts for around two years maximum, instead of for life time. Furthermore, microbladed brows are hand-drawn, so they’re more finely detailed than machine-administered tattoos. 


Lots of us have slightly wonky smiles, so if your pearly whites aren’t Hollywood-perfect, it’s no disgrace. But these days, if you do want to realign your teeth, discreet braces like those used in the Invisalign system can transform your grin quickly and they’re available for a reasonable monthly fee from the Portman Smile Clinic and other reliable professionals. 

These five simple beauty treatments make you feel like a million dollars, but they don’t cost anywhere near that – you can choose which suit you best or treat yourself to the whole suite over a few months.

Cosmetic beauty treatments are commonplace nowadays and have lost any stigma they might previously have suffered from – provided you choose trusted professionals for your discreet nips and tucks, they can make you look years younger.

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