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5 Steps To Self-Improvement – That Aren’t Downright Weird!

We’re suckers for good motivational stories with tips about making life easier and stimulating success. If they’re realistic that is. 

How many of us are seriously going to get up at 3am, down five straight wheatgrass shots, hit the gym for an hour of nude yoga, and take an ice bath – before a 16-hour shift standing on a vibrating plate at a vertical desk while wearing an electrified abs belt?

If you’re shaking your head too, chances are you’ll enjoy these five steps to self-improvement – that aren’t downright weird! 

5 Steps To Self-Improvement – That Aren’t Downright Weird!

Declutter your wardrobe

If you’re mega busy, you probably rotate the same handful of outfits because their constituent items are the easiest to locate in your drawers/wardrobe/pile of washing stacked on a chair in the corner of your bedroom. 

The problem is that these ensembles start to feel like uniforms just as dowdy as those we used to see in cult 80s show Prisoner Cell Block H. Do yourself a favour and bin the offending items (or donate to charity if they’re in a decent state), then refresh your wardrobe with some new buys. 

Minimize food waste

Wasting food isn’t just bad for the planet. It’s also such a pain in the posterior having to portion out all of your rubbish into a series of colour-coded bins – those humdrum, malodorous traffic lights of modern domesticity. 

By switching to a meal box delivery service where food is perfectly portioned, you’ll minimize waste and possibly make your diet a little healthier through portion control – winner, winner (diet) chicken dinner! 

Get (reasonably) fit

You don’t need to commit to an hour’s parkour, interpretive dance or extreme mime session every day to get fit – in fact you can achieve and maintain a reasonable level of trimness and agility with a half hour bodyweight HIIT session three or four times a week. 

Exercising along to a video like this one from Juice & Toya is often the easiest way to start – remember to check with your doc if you have any health issues and warm up first! 

5 Steps To Self-Improvement – That Aren’t Downright Weird!


Taking up a crafty hobby like crocheting can be very calming and cathartic. Crocheting is an excellent example, and worked wonders for Olympic god medallist diver Tom Daley, who has a popular Instagram page dedicated to his hobby where he showcases cardigans, jumpers and (you guessed it) swimming trunks.

Picking up a set of crochet hooks could transform your life too – why not give it a whirl?

Learn online

One of the most time-tested ways of improving yourself is by studying for a university degree – it can take your career in an entirely new direction, boost your confidence and provide an amazing sense of fulfilment.

And when organisations like ARU Distance Learning offer a deep and diverse range of courses at all levels which you can complete flexibly online, higher education is more viable for students with commitments than it’s ever been. 

That’s our list! Have fun making those small life changes that can have big results.

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