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Cities of Europe Where Winter Highlights Their Beauty

There is something inexplicable in a snowy city in Europe that makes it irresistible during the winter. The white element of snow definitely takes off the look of several European cities, making them more beautiful, despite any problems it may create. Among the hundreds of options, one can find on the European continent, which are the cities that really stand out? Let’s see them in detail:

Cities of Europe Where Winter Highlights Their Beauty


One of the most romantic cities in Europe dresses in white when the temperature drops a lot and welcomes its audience for walks on the Danube in a snowy landscape.

Many visitors choose Budapest in the winter just to enjoy a warm thermal bath in the famous Szechenyi Baths when everything around is snowy. Finally, in Budapest, you will find Christmas flea markets, ice rink parks, concerts and much more to live the ultimate winter dream.


The city of Vienna turns into a fairytale setting when the decorations on the buildings begin in winter. The Czech capital gives you endless options in winter.

It is worth visiting the palaces of the legendary Princess Sissy, especially when everything is dressed in all white. You can enjoy a walk in the shops and parks of the city, drink hot chocolate and shop your souvenirs at the spectacular Christkindlmarkt flea market at Christmas.

Cities of Europe Where Winter Highlights Their Beauty


This mysterious Czech city, with its gothic architecture, becomes even more seductive in winter. Films such as Les Misérables and The Illusionist filmed in Prague take us into the city’s strange, lazy atmosphere.

It is worth walking on the famous bridge of Charles with the 30 famous statues when it is completely covered under the layer of snow. It is still worth visiting Prague Castle, as the area looks haunted. It is worth seeing the city from above and the roofs of the houses covered with snow. However, the city acquires a festive mood at Christmas, with the Old Town Square being transformed into a huge party.


Paris is, nevertheless, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The fairytale setting becomes even more enchanting when the first snows of winter fall in the city of light. The snow-covered roads, the parks, the buildings, the illuminated Eiffel Tower, the riverboats on the Seine compose a beautiful and romantic landscape for all those who visit Paris in winter.

Cities of Europe Where Winter Highlights Their Beauty


This vibrant city becomes even more beautiful in winter. Like a poem, the capital of the Netherlands, with its bike lanes, cafes and grey houses and small bridges that connect the city over the river Amstel, is in itself impressive all year round.

Winter, however, gives this city a playful note since when it snows, all the houses turn white, and only the colours stand out on their roofs and bicycles. However, during the winter and especially when Christmas is approaching, bazaars and outdoor ice rinks are set up in various places.


This small picturesque town in France may not be so impressive at first glance, but it is a real skiing paradise in winter. Located at the foot of Mont Blanc, the highest peak in the Alps, it offers all that one would expect from a quality winter resort: modern facilities, vast trails and an imposing landscape that will surely leave no one untouched.

Throughout the year in this city, you will meet many people because many are those who chose this city as part of their permanent residence. So if you want to experience up close the snowy and enchanting landscape of the Alps, then immediately book your stay at this resort through the company Erna Low, which will ensure you financial offers that you will not find anywhere else.

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