Ten High-Paying “Antisocial” Professions

It’s not that you don’t like people. You’d rather have a quiet night with some friends – or yourself – than go to another boring office party. Fortunately for you, some lucrative career opportunities do not require much customer interaction and teamwork. 

The following professions are offered for more introverted people and can even make a lot of money in an hour while also having excellent career prospects. If you want to work, get paid well and not hang out with a lot of people, these are the ideal professions for you.

Ten High-Paying “Antisocial” Professions

  1. Market research analyst

Those who work in this profession examine the behaviour of markets and consumers to help businesses understand who their consumers are, what they want and how much they are willing to pay for the product they sell.

  1. Assistant lawyer

You are not crazy about the idea of law, but are you passionate about anything related to law? As an assistant lawyer, you will perform a variety of tasks, such as maintaining and organizing records, conducting legal investigations, and drafting documents.

  1. Archivist

Can you imagine yourself keeping essential documents? As an archivist, you evaluate, edit, account for and maintain permanent records and historically valuable documents.

  1. Zoologist or Wildlife Biologist

If you have always had a greater preference for animals than humans, you may have a future in zoology. Zoologists and wildlife biologists study animals and wildlife, how they interact with their ecosystems, animal behaviours, and humans’ impact on nature.

Ten High-Paying “Antisocial” Professions

  1. Software developer

How much love do you have for computers? Have you ever considered software development? While some develop applications that allow people to perform specific tasks on a computer, others build software systems.

  1. Marriage and family counsellor

Are you considered to be an excellent listener? Do your friends and family come to you when they need advice? Think of a career as a marriage and family counsellor who helps people manage and overcome any problems they have.

  1. Interpreter

Do you speak many languages fluently? Consider applying this skill to a career as an interpreter, one of the fastest-growing jobs of the next five years.

  1. Movie and video editor

If you love movies, you can thank the film and video producers for that. If you have a passion for storytelling and editing movies and videos, such a profession seems ideal.

  1. Voice actor

A voice actor records with his voice excerpts of content used in commercials, movies or TV series, and much more. There are many who compare it to normal acting, but the truth is that there are several differences between them. A modern voice actor can create this content from his own home if he has the appropriate recording and mixing equipment. This profession is a highly creative occupation, which offers flexibility and freedom to anyone who follows it. 

In modern times, the profession of voice actor offers excellent opportunities for development in an ever-growing industry. If you want to follow the profession of voice actor and do not know where to start, you can join the voice acting agency of Voquent, giving you the opportunity to practice your innate talent.

  1. Accountant

If numbers are your trump card, this profession is for you. Accountants prepare and review financial records and taxes for individuals and businesses. They also help in the evaluation of the economic activities of the companies and in their effective operation.

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