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Collection Cica Foundation Review / Swatches

We’ve seen a lot of new Collection launches in the last couple of months, as the brand rebranded everything, and the Collection Cica Foundation launched as part of the rebranding, as their newest base launch. Collection is known for their amazing Lasting Perfection Concealer, but their foundations aren’t talked about as often, so I was intrigued to see what the formulation was like?

Collection Cica Foundation Review / Swatches

Collection Cica Foundation

For a fresh satin complexion. A medium coverage foundation infused with anti-redness and antioxidant-rich Centella Asiatica, an anti-inflammatory formula that leaves skin feeling hydrated and soothed.

Achieve fresher looking skin, formulated with Centella Asiatica (aka Cica) an ingredient that promotes healing, soothing and anti-inflammatory, ideal for sensitive skin. The vegan, medium coverage foundation works to help skin feel hydrated and cover redness.

Collection Cica Foundation Review / Swatches

The Collection Cica Foundation is £6.49, contains 30ml and is packaged within a white plastic, squeezy tube with a clear window, so you can tell the shades apart.

Collection have seventeen different shades of this foundation, which isn’t the best compared to the likes of Revolution, but it’s considerably better than their shade range two years ago, when they literally had just six shades.

Collection Cica Foundation Review / Swatches

Collection describes this foundation as being medium coverage, and it’s definitely not. It performs like a tinted moisturiser, with sheer and light coverage, and it’s not buildable either. It leaves the skin looking a little more uniform and perfected, but it doesn’t cover up any redness, imperfections, blemishes or acne scarring.

Even the coverage is so very minimal, I still really like it. It’s very much a BB cream, with a subtle glow thanks to the satin finish. It lasts longer throughout the day than a standard BB cream, and it’s flattering on the skin.

Collection Cica Foundation Review / Swatches

I wanted to get the Collection Cica Foundation in Rose Porcelain, which is the lightest shade, but it’s permanently sold out both at Superdrug and Boots, so I decided to try Porcelain 2. As you can see from the swatches above, it’s not too bad a shade match.

I like how it doesn’t emphasise dryness, and it was a base I reached for frequently during our crazy hot summer, as it’s lightweight, and it didn’t just melt off either. I do wish it had more coverage, but when used with the Lasting Perfection Concealer, they’re the perfect base duo for the days you want lighter makeup.

You can find the Collection Cica Foundation right here.