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Facial Plastics Photos Instagram Community

I don’t know about you, but my ‘Explore’ page is always filled with amazing before and after photos of people that have had beauty treatments or facial plastics procedures.

Whilst the before and afters might look great, photos can be manipulated or filtered, so it’s hard to know which photos are genuine, and if facial plastic procedures is something you’re genuinely considering, it’s important to look at true, authentic photos.

Facial Plastics Photos Instagram Community

This where I want to introduce the Facial Plastics Photos Instagram community to you. Facial Plastics highlight facial plastic surgeons, and also their surgical outcomes, with amazing and genuine before/after photos.

I love looking at before and after photos of nose jobs in particular, as I broke my nose as a child, and would genuinely love to have rhinoplasty myself in the near future, to correct the shape of my nose. However, with something as important as a facial plastics procedure, it’s hard to know who to trust when it comes to surgeons or practices on social media.

Facial Plastics pride themselves on only ever featuring the most highly qualified and experienced surgeons, who have demonstrated excellence in their outcomes. However, what makes Facial Plastics Photos so unique and trustworthy, is that they never make any specific recommendations, and none of their posts are ever paid adverts, thus making them trustworthy, as it’s informational based, rather than being a page full of adverts.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with paid advertising, I pay for advertising myself, and I accept paid advertising as an influencer. However, when it comes to something as important as facial plastic procedures, you do need to know you can trust whomever you follow.

We’ve all seen posts by influencers or celebrities showing their “work” they’ve had done, complimenting their surgeon. However they’re all paid advertising, or the individual has received their work for free, so it’s hard to trust if that surgeon’s work is genuinely as amazing as the individual proclaims.

Facial Plastics Photos have a fully interactive community, where they allow their followers to vote on which surgical results they loved the most (as shown above), featuring curated facial plastics themed educational content, which has been prepared by the best plastic surgeons.

By following Facial Plastics Photos, you’ll be able to see posts where they exchange ideas, as well as being able to participate in interesting Q&A sessions, on the facial plastics topics of their choice.

Something I appreciate myself, is that the photos shared on the Facial Plastics Photos community, show the before photo, and the after photo in the same lighting, with the same background, so you can see manipulation hasn’t taken place.

I was asked to take a look at the Facial Plastics Photos and review the services they provide as an Instagram page, and I really like how interactive the whole community is.

On the Instagram Stories they post, they highlight before and after photos, with a vote sticker, allowing you to decide how much you ‘love’ each procedure, and the work undertaken by the individual surgeon. I personally really enjoy following Instagram accounts, which do have an interactive element, as you do feel like you’re ‘seen’ when interacting with a page.

In addition to their Instagram Story posts, which are nice and often, they share frequent grid posts with before and after results. It never feels promotional, but it is informative, letting you know the name of the procedure which has taken place, the surgeon that completed the work, their location and also the surgeon’s websites. So if you did want to contact the surgeon, or their practice to discuss potential work, you have the information to hand, but it’s not being pushed or forced on the followers.

I also really like their interactive Q&A feature (like that shown above), whereby participating within the Facial Plastics Photos Instagram community, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions. Within their Instagram Highlights, there’s a Q&A highlight, where you can see questions from their followers, and the answers given by Facial Plastics Photos too, to give you an idea of what the account does.

Facial Plastics Photos has one main goal, and that’s to help their followers find their perfect look, by making quality information on facial plastics topics more accessible, and more importantly – for free.

We’ve all heard the horror stories of underqualified surgeons, but that’s not a worry you ever have to have when following the Facial Plastics Photos Instagram community, as they pride themselves on only ever highlighting the best facial plastic surgeons.

Those that have the qualifications and experience, and who have demonstrated excellence in their surgical results.  These are primarily double-board certified specialists in facial plastics — usually ENT (ear nose throat) – trained doctors who specialize in plastic surgery.

If, like me, you enjoy the interactivity of an Instagram community, Facial Plastics Photos have a fun #PlastyCup series, where they pit two of the best surgeon’s surgical outcomes against each other, and let the followers decide on their favourite result.

It’s a great account, with zero adverts or pushy sales posts, and it’ll equip you with information and knowledge surrounding the best facial plastics surgeons, but also what kinds of procedures are possible, and I’d highly recommend checking @FacialPlasticsPhotos out!

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