Finding Your Personal Sense of Style

If you have always admired Lady Gaga, Madonna, or Rihanna then without a doubt, you know that style is all about expressing oneself instead of blindly following the latest trends. While these celebrities may have the lofty ambition of consistently breaking new ground, many fashionistas simply wish to raise the bar for themselves, feel comfortable in their skin, and wear what makes them feel genuine and true. If your wardrobe or beauty cabinet needs a shakeup, the following tips may inspire you to make the changes you wish to.

Finding Your Personal Sense of Style

Creating a Mood

If you are a fashion buff then your wardrobe probably houses must-have pieces like a couple of good blazers, a starched white shirt, good trousers, and a little black dress. You can make things a little more personal by finding inspiration in fashion magazines. Look at the styles you find yourself most attracted to — does the classic elegance of Chanel inspire, the bling of Balenciaga, or the classicism of Burberry catch your eye?

Compile all the images you like and create a mood board, thinking of how you can use current pieces in your wardrobe to recreate your chosen looks and listing down a couple of items you need to buy to get your look right.  Try to get your hands on a couple of iconic pieces from designers that really hit the spot when it comes to inspiring and stimulating your desire to dress to the nines.

Accessorizing Your Look

Even if a full wardrobe revamp is not in your budget, you can invest a small amount in chic accessories such as a good bag, red-bottomed pumps, or a second-hand designer belt. Pull out your jewelry collection and think of ways to wear select pieces in new ways. For instance, if you are keen on wearing more boho-chic looks, align your jewelry with your look by stacking up and layering pieces.

Finding Your Personal Sense of Style

Don’t be afraid to combine fine gold chains with beads, pearls, and fine crystal or diamond chokers. If you wish to don a minimalist look, choose one or two statement pieces of fine or costume jewelry, being careful to avoid matchy and ‘overdone’ styles. If you are wearing a Chanel-style jacket, and you wish to channel the Coco in you, wear a simple string of pearls around your neck and a fancy costume brooch on your lapel.

Making the Most Of Your Beauty Collection

Specific looks require the right makeup — think a tuxedo-style suit and a smokey eye, an eco-chic linen jumpsuit with a nude-inspired makeup look, or a monochrome purple suit with contrasting green eyeshadow. Often, you don’t need to break your budget on new makeup to come up with amazing looks. Take your existing palettes and try to look for colours that differ from the rest of the palette — a shimmery black, a creamy rich turquoise, or a beige highlighter that might work well in the centre of your lid.

With makeup, the ultimate aim is to get your basics right — a foundation that doesn’t crease, concealer that doesn’t look too light or obvious, good brushes that blend products to perfection, a good eyeliner that makes it easier to draw cat eyes, and of course, a trustworthy primer that will keep your makeup look fresh for longer. The best thing about beauty products is that they are relatively inexpensive and most consumers can afford to add to their collection with a few coveted items a month — everything from a new gloss to a must-have mascara.

You don’t need to shock or call attention to yourself to have a very personal, stunning sense of style. Everyone can benefit, however, from expanding their mind and considering new styles they have always been attracted to but have been reticent to try out. Find inspiration in your favourite designers, invest in needed pieces and beauty products, and wear it all with the confidence and personality that marks all fashion icons.

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