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Glossier Hand Cream Review

The Glossier Hand Cream was a somewhat random purchase, when I wanted to get free delivery, and decided to try it as I liked the packaging. I hadn’t read any reviews, and if I’m honest, I didn’t read the claims either.

The Glossier You Eau de Parfum is my signature scent, and the hand cream supposedly has the same scent, so I figured it’d be a hand cream I loved.

Glossier Hand Cream

Glossier Hand Cream

The Glossier Hand Cream is described as being fast absorbing, and features nutrient-rich moisturizers (like Meadowfoam Seed Oil and Coconut Fruit Extract) which nourish without a greasy feel on the hands.

Glossier Hand Cream

It’s said to use a “Second Skin” Matrix to hold moisture in and keep skin-stressors out, whilst the ergonomic pack is designed for on-the-go application, with a click-to-close cap to secure against spills in the bottom of your bag (or anywhere else).

Glossier Hand Cream

Glossier describe the Glossier Hand Cream as featuring the Glossier You scent reimagined for the hands—it wears closer, with an emphasis on the fresh, clean notes.

The Glossier Hand Cream is housed within a baby pink, rubberised plastic tube, with a flip top lid. I do really like the packaging, and how unique it is, but it features a lot of plastic, and it’s not refillable either. I think the brand should look into a more eco-friendly packaging design, and it’s quite bulky too.

Glossier Hand Cream

In terms of fragrance, the hand cream doesn’t smell like Glossier You. The two scents are similar, but they’re definitely not identical, like I’d hoped. However, the hand cream does still smell amazing, and the scent lingers for at least two hours.

I like how lightweight the formula is, as it never feels greasy, and you can use your touchscreen phone straight after application, but it still offers a decent amount of hydration.

As much as I love the scent, unless it was heavily discounted, I don’t think I’d repurchase, as £16 is expensive for a hand cream, when my favourite drugstore Aveeno hand cream is only £5, and actually offers more hydration in comparison.

You can find the Glossier Hand Cream right here.

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