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MAC Magic Radiance Fix+ Review

MAC Fix+ is such a cult favourite, and I really enjoy the original formula. The MAC Magic Radiance Fix+ launched last year, and I decided to try it as I do enjoy the original so much, and I love using more radiant setting sprays whenever my skin’s looking particularly dry or flat.

MAC Magic Radiance Fix+ Review

MAC Magic Radiance Fix+

Dew it up with bottled magic. Add all-day hydration to your glow and nourish skin with Fix+ Magic Radiance – loaded with hyaluronic acid, essential oils and vitamin C.

This moisturizing mist imparts ultra-hydration and a boost of radiance, making it an Artist must-have for soft, supple, healthy-looking and glowing skin. Added Moisture-Shield Technology helps to lock in lightweight moisture. Can be used under or over makeup. Shake very well before use for best results!”

MAC Magic Radiance Fix+ Review

The MAC Magic Radiance Fix+ is £26, and contains 100ml of product in the same bottle as the original, except the radiance version is a white bottle, with holographic writing on the front.

MAC Magic Radiance Fix+ Review

You have the same atomiser, which emits one of the finest mists I’ve ever tried, and the MAC Magic Radiance Fix+ has the very same atomiser, but you do have to shake the bottle quite vigorously before use, as the formula does contain lots of loose shimmer particles.

So shaking the bottle is important to fully blend the shimmer up. If you don’t shake the bottle enough, you can end up with white sparkly specks of shimmer on the face, so shaking is definitely important.

MAC Magic Radiance Fix+ Review

The MAC Magic Radiance Fix+ has the same fresh scent as the original, and it feels just like the original, but the formula is so much more hydrating than the original. It really doesn’t feel like a makeup mist, as it gives the skin a hit of hydration, but with a subtle glow too.

I didn’t think the mist formula would be that different from the original, as I thought it would just be slightly shimmery, but the formula is even better in the MAC Magic Radiance Fix+.

I can’t imagine ever repurchasing the original now I’ve fallen in love with this formula, and it’s just the perfect finishing mist for when your skin is looking a little one dimensional, or if you’ve over-powdered, and it works well on bare skin too, to give you a radiant glow.

You can find the MAC Magic Radiance Fix+ right here.

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