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What’s So Special About Cashmere?

Cashmere is a special yarn that is collected from cashmere goats, an animal that resides mainly in China and Mongolia. In the past, cashmere was expensive because of the amount of work it took to find, collect and process the wool. However, nowadays, cashmere is much more affordable. But why is this wool so special? Here are some reasons why cashmere is superior:

What’s So Special About Cashmere

It’s Soft

The fibre diameter of cashmere is much finer than the fibre diameter of most other types of wool. This helps to make the wool much softer to touch. However, part of the softness of cashmere depends on how the wool is finished (washing, dying etc). Soft, high-quality cashmere, like the cashmere jumpers from Luella, will feel like butter against your skin. Their latest collection of cashmere knitwear is perfect for adding an extra layer to your outfit. Whether you prefer patterned or plain, there’s something to suit your taste. 

It’s Cosy and Warm

If your normal woolly jumper isn’t keeping you warm, then you might want to consider purchasing a cashmere sweater instead. This is because cashmere is both cosy and warm. In fact, research suggests that cashmere wool is up to 8x warmer than regular wool. 

It’s Adaptable

Another huge benefit of cashmere is that it’s adaptable. While cashmere is perfect for keeping you warm when the temperature outside is cold, it will also keep you cool when the temperature is warmer. This is because cashmere fibres adapt to your body temperature. 

Unlike most fibres that trap heat, cashmere will adapt to your body temperature, helping you to stay comfortable no matter what the weather may be. While it’s not advisable to wear a thick cashmere jumper on extremely hot days, cashmere jumpers are perfect for cool summer evenings or transitional weather. 

What’s So Special About Cashmere

It’s Lightweight

As we mentioned above, cashmere is one of the warmest wools available, but that’s not all. It’s also extremely lightweight, and fairly wrinkle resistant. This means that it will continue to look good and keep you warm all day without weighing you down. 

It’s Long Lasting

Evidence suggests that as long as you take good care of your cashmere knitwear, it will last a lifetime. Just make sure that you choose a style of sweater that will remain in fashion for years to come. 

The Cost

Although many people think cashmere is an extremely expensive material, this isn’t always true, and even if it was, cashmere is worth every penny. In fact, compared to ten years ago, cashmere is now much more affordable. Not only that, but purchasing cashmere knitwear can actually save you money in the long term as cashmere is extremely long-lasting, so unlike most other types of knitwear which need replacing regularly, it won’t need replacing for many years to come. 

For many years now, cashmere has been lauded as a luxury material, but what really is so special about this type of wool? When it comes to cashmere, there are lots of benefits, and they stretch far beyond the divine softness and indulgent silky feel. From the everyday elegance it provides to being low maintenance, there is a lot to love about this type of wool.

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