Effective Techniques To Detangle Matted Hair

Tangled hair is a nuisance and can be painful. There are several reasons why your hair may be tangled. It can simply be because you haven’t brushed your hair enough, or it can be because you brush it too much!  

The outer layer of your hair is called the cuticle, it protects your hair from the elements and helps to keep nutrients and moisture in your hair strands. However, it can be damaged by brushing too much, harsh chemicals, and even the wind. 

It’s why we recommend using natural products in your hair from a reputable range, such as these Olaplex products.

Effective Techniques To Detangle Matted Hair

When the cuticle is damaged, it effectively opens. This allows it to tangle with other open cuticles, as the hair strands are no longer smooth. The more cuticles that tangle the more matted your hair becomes. 

The good news is that you don’t need to cut the matted section out, you simply need a little patience and the right approach.

Wet Your hair

Wet hair is heavy and easier to damage. That means you don’t want to put your hair underwater to help detangle it. But, you can wet it with the mist from a spray bottle of water.  This will moisten your hair without the risk of damage.

If the tangle is slight, then wetting can be enough to allow you to brush it gently through.

Oil or Conditioner

You can use a few drops of oil or a quality conditioner and gently work it into your hair. This will help to smooth the cuticles and start releasing the tangles. There is no limit to how much conditioner you can use, simply add enough to make your hair feel smooth and the tangles will start to loosen.

If you are using oil then leave it in for thirty minutes to ensure it has the maximum effect.

Effective Techniques To Detangle Matted Hair

Use Your Fingers

The next step is to gently run your fingers through your hair. You’ll find the knots and some will pull apart. Don’t use excessive force, if the tangles will release with a little manipulation, then that’s great. If not, you can move on to the next stage.

Brushing Your Hair

You should get a fine brush or comb. This will make it easier to break the tangles up although it will take several goes with each one. 

Start at the bottom of your hair. Simply hold a section in one hand and brush from your hand to the end of the hair with the comb in your other hand. This reduces the strain on your scalp and hair roots while detangling.

Once the section is free of tangles, move up the hair in the same section. When one section is completed, move on to the next and so on, until you have covered all your hair, and it is tangle-free. 

You will need patience, especially if you have badly matted hair. But, this is better than having to cut a section of hair out!

To finish, rinse your hair and comb it again. Remember, looking after your hair regularly should stop it from getting matted in the first place!

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