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Garden Rooms for Families

Children are a gift, but they can also be a total nightmare, especially when they manage to take up every room in the house with their toys, clothes, and belongings. Of course, it is all part of the charm of having children, but it does sometimes leave us wishing we had more space in our homes to cope with it all. A garden room can be a great family-friendly option for gaining more space to store toys, create a playroom, or even make an adult-only chill out space. 

When you start thinking about increasing the amount of space in your property, your mind may first go to having an extension. However, when you have small children, it can be dreadful having to look after them whilst your home is being ripped apart by builders. The noise disruption, the dust and the cost are all challenges which are made harder when you must factor in children. A garden room does not present the same challenges, being constructed in under two weeks and not causing any disruption to your home. You can continue with your daily routine without having to worry about your children being around an active construction site.

Garden Rooms for Families

You can use your garden room for many different purposes as a family, using it as an area specifically for your children, for the adults, or for both. A garden playroom is a lovely way of giving your children space to play in a safe environment that can be easily monitored by yourselves. The mess and disorganisation which normally appears in your home can be created in your garden room, leaving your home (hopefully!) more organised. With your garden room being built to your needs and tastes, you can create the perfect sensory playroom with LED light strips, mounted screens, and padded corners. 

If your children are persistent in creating chaos in your home, then create your dream adult retreat in the comfort of your garden. Hawksbeck Garden Rooms have completed several garden rooms recently which are to be used as home bars, equipped with a full bar set-up. Invite your friends’ round and enjoy a relaxing evening whilst the kids are in bed, without needing to get a babysitter! You can kit your garden room out with anything you like, including a pool table, a cinema screen, or a games area.

Garden Rooms for Families

If you want to use your garden room as a family, you could choose to have a home cinema, with comfy bean bags or squishy sofas to cuddle up on with each other. You can have a small bathroom built in your garden room cinema too, so bathroom breaks don’t have to take twenty minutes each time! 

There are many ways you can create a family-friendly space in your garden room, giving you space you need to enjoy spending time with each other. From design to construction, you could have your garden room in a mere handful of months, and there is no better time than the present.