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Bartender Hire Basics: The Most Important Factors to Consider

Whether you are planning a small party or a corporate event, you cannot underestimate the importance of a professional bartender hire. These experts may come as a part of a mobile bar hire service or even a standalone provider. Mobile bars are convenient in terms of service delivery and portability. As the event organizer, you have free rein in choosing when and where to use it. 

Because of the popularity of mobile bars, several companies have sprung up to offer bartending services. This is good because you have a variety to choose from. However, the downside is that many options make it difficult for you to choose the right provider. So what should you look for when choosing a mobile bar? Here are our tips to guarantee you the perfect pick. 

Bartender Hire Basics: The Most Important Factors to Consider

Mobile Bar Design

A well-designed mobile bar is not just portable but also maximizes durability. The best bars are manufactured from high-quality steel or wood frame. This not only ensures durability but also elegance. The design element is crucial because it enables bartender hire to effectively do their job. You can generally gauge how efficient or not a company is from the type of materials they use to make the mobile bar. For example, if a company uses cheap materials, you should run away because it smirks of inefficiency.

Material quality often reflects the quality of service you will receive. It beats logic to pay more for a wooden bar made with cheap materials. The best mobile bar hire companies will charge for the quality of service offered. If you find that a provider has any hidden charges or is not transparent in how they charge, you should probably leave them and continue your search.

Also, a good company understands that clients have different tastes and have several options for mobile bar designs.

What Mobile Bar Services Appeal to You?

Mobile bar hire services come in a variety of types, with each having unique specifications. The different types suit different tastes and budgets, so you can choose what works best for you. They include the following:

Full-Service Mobile Bar

When you choose a full-service bar, you get an all-inclusive package complete with all the bartending equipment, glassware, mixers, cocktails, alcohol, and even bartender hire services. The only difference between this type of bar and a traditional bar is that it’s portable. A full-service bar is an all-in-one solution for your event needs.

Mobile Cocktail Bar Services

This package features bartender hire services and mixologists. The type of mobile bar appeals to those looking for the ultimate bar experience as it also includes a bit of VIP luxury. Your guests will get complete cocktail services and you also have the advantage of mixologists creating various combinations that can suit different tastes. Renters of this service should expect to enjoy full-bar services although mixologists will be making cocktails only. 

Bartender Hire Basics: The Most Important Factors to Consider

Dry Hire Mobile Bar

Under this arrangement, the mobile bar service provider gives you a bar matching your special occasion. Everything is prepaid with this type of bar. The financial responsibility of all the services falls squarely on your shoulders.

Versatility of Theme/Appearance

Your event theme or style is one of the most important things that you will be willing to replicate with your chosen mobile bar. As well-established companies will tell you, diversity is quite vital. That’s why these companies will have a variety of options to offer clients. They include barrel bars and inflatable bars. These companies will have lots of options to give the customer plenty of choices. They are also not afraid to help you make the right choice that leads to excellent experiences.

Customized Mobile Bar Features

The ability to incorporate some personalized aspects into the design can go a long way in improving service delivery and also your portable bar appearance. Top mobile bar hire providers to use designs that ensure the bartenders work efficiently without being overwhelmed. Other features to look for in mobile bars include cutting boards, foldable shelving spaces, paper towel holders, napkins, and bins for storing ice. 

Great Customer Service 

From handling guests to time management to constantly monitoring visitors to ensure that their needs are fully catered for, a good mobile bar company should demonstrate the ability to offer excellent customer service.

This is achieved by qualified professionals that don’t hesitate to go the extra mile to ensure all the needs of your guests are met. The bartenders should also be skilled in situational awareness and be ready to tackle anything that might arise. This way, your guests will be served by friendly and warm bartenders that can multitask while still connecting on a personal level with your guests. 

Quick Installation and Packing 

Another crucial factor to consider when choosing a mobile bar for hire is the ease of setup and packing it after use. How conveniently can the bar be installed and how many people will be required during the process of installation?

Ask the mobile bar hire provider the duration of time it takes to install the bar and the number of people needed to accomplish the task. Time is crucial and you need a bar that can be set up in a few minutes. If possible, even one man should be able to install it. Also, it needs to have easily foldable parts to make packaging as quickly as possible. 


The mobile bar craze has really taken the hospitality industry by storm. Whether it is a wedding, a corporate event, a birthday party, or just any kind of celebration, portable bar hire seems to be the buzzword. As such, a lot of players have entered the market, making it difficult to choose one service provider that meets your needs.

Luckily we have compiled a list of the most important factors to look for when choosing your favorite bartender for hire. Stick to the factors above and you will be sure to nail the perfect mobile bar for whatever event.

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