Popular Wedding Traditions And Their Meaning

Weddings are big business, and there’s a big trend for weddings to be as personalised as possible, to complement the couple, and some couples are even choosing to have multiple wedding ceremonies and wedding receptions, in order to accommodate the needs of their guests.

Whilst there’s a big trend for custom weddings, couples are still wanting to ensure they include wedding traditions from both sides of their families, to ensure peace and harmony within their marriage. Tradition plays an important role in modern weddings, as it provides structure and consistency to the event itself, as well as being something fun for the big day too.

Popular Wedding Traditions And Their Meaning

Why Are Wedding Traditions Popular?

Wedding traditions are popular because they are considered to each have special meanings. They’ve all originated many years ago, and are often traditions which have been passed down from generation to generation.

Popular Wedding Traditions And Their Meaning

The start of wedding traditions date back to ancient times, such as the marriage ceremony of the Jewish faith taking place outside, or in a separate venue to the main service. Although wedding traditions are different for all cultures, they are common to all weddings regardless of faith.

Let’s take a look at some popular wedding traditions;

Popular Wedding Traditions And Their Meaning


It’s hard to believe that the custom of wedding rings actually dates back to Old Egypt, and their rounded shape was said to signify eternity. The Ancient Egyptians wore their wedding rings on their left hand, as it’s where they believe the Vena Amoris aka the vein of love originated, and connected to the heart.

There are so many beautiful wedding rings to choose from, with simpler plain bands and more ornate and special bridal set rings for a truly customised wedding ring stack. You can find your dream engagement ring to complement your wedding band, and Jeulia engagement rings are the perfect place to find your perfect ring.

Popular Wedding Traditions And Their Meaning

White Dress

The tradition of wearing a plain white dress for a wedding is believed to date back to the ancient Mediterranean. It was believed this colour had sacred meaning and represented purity and new life, and the tradition is still highly popular today.

Giving The Bride Away

In most cultures, you’ll find a woman getting married will be ‘given’ away, by the bride walking down the aisle with her father. It’s usually an emotional moment for any wedding and ties into the tradition where a bride will share a dance with her father as part of the wedding reception.

Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes are seen as being a symbol of abundance and fertility, and tend to made with fruit cake with several tiers, and a tier is usually kept in a safe place until the birth of the couple’s first baby. In more traditional ceremonies, the cake can be sprinkled with holy water to symbolize union between the couple, too.

Wedding traditions can be associated with old-fashioned values, but this is becoming increasingly less so. Couples are now realising the importance of incorporating older wedding traditions into their modern themed weddings in order to establish a connection to their past and create an emotional bond with their future spouse.

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