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Ruby Rings – Why Girls Adore Wearing This Fashionable Gemstone

The ongoing transformations in the gemstone industry are getting influenced by the changing fashion trends. The coveted position of the diamond is no longer static, and there are other shiny kids on the block.

The growing acceptance and elegant styles of the colored gemstones are impressively making a mark among all.

Ruby Rings - Why Girls Adore Wearing This Fashionable Gemstone

Precious gems are a thing of fashion, luxury, and pride. The last few decades saw the rise of these gemstones as a major fashion driver. One of the most prized possessions of them all is the ruby. This beauty is capable of expressing your style and individuality and attracting others.

The wedding rings are no more about diamonds, and brides are embracing the change with colored stones like a ruby. 

Are you pondering over your choice of perfect gemstone jewelry? If yes, this article can help you understand why girls of all ages love having this beautiful and fashionable gemstone. 

A Durable Companion

The first thought that often comes to mind while shortlisting a gemstone ring is whether it is resistant to daily wear and tear or not. Durability becomes a prime aspect while making the purchase decision.

If you have plans to wear it every day, it should be able to resist and handle slight scratches, bumps, and knocks. These are very common in our regular regimen. 

The best part is ruby is one of the hardest gemstones which can face all such concerns bravely. The hardness rating of nine on the Mohs Scale substantiates this aspect. The gemstone ranks second only behind diamond along with emerald and sapphire.

So when you select this gemstone for your ring, you can be sure of its toughness, and it has no cleavage too. It means that the chances of your ring’s stone getting a crack, chip, or break are not there. The gemstone is also resistant to light, chemicals, and exposure to heat.

Vibrant Color

Most of the gemstones do not have the feature to relate to a particular color. Ruby is one of the exceptions that only boasts a single color, i.e. red. Although the basic color of this beautiful gemstone remains distinctly red, the hues change with the change of the gemstone quality.

Gem experts often end up calling the rubies red sapphires in a few instances due to the properties and mineral structure of the stone. The traces of chromium present in the stone gives it its color. Although ruby can be a variety of sapphire, instead it is historically treated as a separate stone due to its distinctively brilliant red color. The gemstone gained its reputation as a precious and highly prized possession over the centuries. 

Ruby Rings - Why Girls Adore Wearing This Fashionable Gemstone

There are various shades of red in rubies. The most prominent among them is the Pigeon Blood red color. It has deep saturation and a medium tone. You can find gemstones with brilliant cuts and minimum inclusions in vivid colors to suit your needs. Ruby also makes a great halo ring with diamonds studded around it. 

You will find a variety of settings and designs in the stone to have a style of your choice and preference. It also allows you to have the gemstone at original competitive prices. You can create a lasting impression with this gemstone as it can be your perfect companion that syncs with every outfit and compliments every occasion.


A ring should have some form of symbolism for both the recipient and the giver, whether it is for regular use, gifting, wedding, or engagement. Ruby is such a gemstone that can help to bring beautiful emotions into your life and has a deep meaning.

This gemstone has a strong association with feelings of devotion and love. Any aspect that relates to love or the heart has a symbolic representation by the red color, which is synonymous with ruby gemstones.

The gemstone also symbolizes prosperity and leadership apart from the evident undying love. The ability of the gemstone to bring success to your life and its unique aura is also the reason for calling it the King of Gemstones in Sanskrit.

The gemstone is capable of helping you ride over any difficulties in your current relationship. It can aid in curbing your confusion and fears and bring harmony. Are you wondering why you get attracted to this gemstone? You should know it has the properties to woo women’s hearts easily. The splendid glory and its shine are what most prefer to flaunt.

So these are some of the major reasons why women prefer to wear their ruby rings and flaunt them proudly. After all, who does not love an accessory that is low on maintenance yet precious to keep?