Want to Be Stylish and Cozy? Consider a Hygge Wardrobe

Sometimes, modern fashion can look far too complex for average people, and it may come as too much of an investment when trying to emulate designer looks. Often, these high fashion outfits and pieces may turn out to be uncomfortable to wear as well, which means reserving them for only the most special occasions.

However, there is a niche of fashion that keeps up with today’s standards while being both comfy and accessible. Known as the hygge aesthetic, it is a style that puts a prime on coziness and simplicity. It is an aesthetic that can have someone wearing cotton leggings everyday and still own the look with the right combination of minimalist pieces.

Read on to learn more about this new approach to the wardrobe and how it can work well for you.

Want to Be Stylish and Cozy? Consider a Hygge Wardrobe

What is Hygge?

In a nutshell, hygge is a term for Danish concepts of comfort, relaxation, and coziness. The idea is to appreciate simplicity in ways that steer clear of overthinking. These might seem all abstract and intangible, but it plays a big role in why Denmark remains to be one of the happiest, most peaceful countries in the world. More importantly, their fashion sense is equally top-notch.

With that all said, such is the mantra behind the hygge style of fashion as well. Their approach to the wardrobe is to maintain a small catalog of pieces that go well together in different combinations. Despite the bias towards simpler designs, the style offers a fresh look each time by matching different pieces for each outfit. 

Keep it Comfortable and Loose

When it comes to dressing hygge, the best clothes are the ones that just make sense, and there is nothing more carefree than comfortable pieces. Obviously, this means any rigid and tight-fitting garments like skinny jeans are out of the question. Instead, it calls for looser fits, wider silhouettes, and organic lines. 

Oversized shirts, sweaters, and other tops that leave a lot of room to breathe are best in this style. For bottoms, it is common for the hygge dresser to don flared trousers or generally anything with wide, flowing legs. It is also an option to go with a dress that falls loose and easy against the body. Basically, these clothes should feel as snug and cozy as blankets in the spirit of hygge.

Materials also matter in this regard as not all fabrics are easy against the skin. Generally, cotton and linen are the most pleasing fabrics against the skin, but any natural fabrics should work just fine. These tend to be far more breathable than synthetics, and they are softer and more pleasant as well. Some may also want to try knitwear for a somewhat more authentically hygge outfit.  

Think Little, Think Minimal

Ideally, hygge pieces should be plain. This means minimal to no print or any obtrusive patterns, although solid, muted colors are usually best. In fact, the staple for this type of wardrobe is to go monochromatic, but most of the Danish styles choose black by default. The approach is meant to be minimalist and low-profile. 

Of course, this does not call strictly for the entire outfit to conform to a single color. The hygge aesthetic allows some leeway to match colors between pieces. Usually, the go-to is still monochromatic with a white top and dark bottom, but other colors can work just as well so long as they stay muted, such as pastel hues. 

While this opens a wide range of options by their colors, it is important to keep in mind that part of the hygge lifestyle is to minimize. That means that one must avoid filling the closet with all sorts of clothes for more combinations of outfits. The spirit of this style is still to keep a small selection of minimalist clothes that can all be matched together for fresh outfits.

The Rest is Practicality

The point of hygge is comfort and simplicity, not restriction. There is more to outfits than just shirts, pants, and dresses, and it should go without saying that footwear can make or break a style. People in colder climates have much less to think about as the main choice falls to boots for their warmth and comfort. On hotter days, the choices are often between white sneakers and flat sandals.

Want to Be Stylish and Cozy? Consider a Hygge Wardrobe

Whichever way, it is important to keep in mind that the design points for tops and bottoms still apply to footwear. While boots are typically black or dark and muted in design already, some sneakers and sandals on the market may have more ostentatious designs and palettes. Going hygge means steering clear of those, opting for footwear that does not call much attention. 

Aside from these, the style does allow for extra layers such as coats and such, so long as they maintain the same minimal and cozy aesthetics. Furthermore, today’s brands have begun to release loungewear that can be worn going out, so these would likewise make excellent additions to the hygge wardrobe. 

Some Outfit Suggestions

First-timers who are used to a wide selection of pieces to mix and match may find themselves overthinking when trying out the hygge aesthetic. It could be helpful to have a few outfit propositions to get started.

Basic but Classic

Basic does not have to mean bad fashion taste if it is about returning to fundamentals. Beginners will be glad to know that plain white shirts are a core piece in the ways of hygge. A classic combo would be a loose white button-down with straight jeans with the option for a knitted cardigan. Keep footwear simple but weather-appropriate such as tan sandals for hot months and dark-coloured boots for cooler months.

Casual and Outgoing

As a special case, leggings despite their close fit can still work for the hygge lifestyle because of their overall comfortability and breathability, especially in softer fabrics. Most may already know that leggings go well with a plain, loose tee or sweater along with sneakers or ankle boots. This outfit combination is very casual, so it is recommended not to wear this for anything too important.

A Little Sophisticated

It might be a surprise that an aesthetic so focused on casual looks can still be sophisticated. For this one, a comfy turtleneck or sweater can be paired with flared trousers and leather boots. However, a hint of power dressing comes with adding a blazer or coat, so long as it matches with a dark, solid hue. 

All things considered, the hygge wardrobe could work for a lot of people around the world, but in the same way, it might not appeal to some. In spite of this, it is quite reassuring to know that there is in fact a modern aesthetic that is widely accessible to anyone looking to take their fashion even a bit more seriously. 

That fashion can be comfy and stylish at the same time is a clear benefit of choosing hygge dressing. For others, the minimalism of the hygge wardrobe could also align with a more sustainable lifestyle. Regardless of where people lean on their clothing tastes, what matters is always that they choose what they believe is best for themselves. 

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