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The Best Keepsake Gift Ideas

Now it’s December, many of us are thinking about gift ideas for our friends and loved ones. There are lots of gift ideas here on, which I’ve shared over the last nine years, but if you’re looking for a special gift which isn’t something you can purchase on a shelf in a store, I have a round-up of the best keepsake gift ideas, which are more special, and will delight whomever you gift them to.

The Best Keepsake Gift Ideas

Memory Bears

If you know someone that has experienced loss, memory bears would be a great gift. They don’t even need to be a gift idea for those that have experienced loss, as you can create one for anyone. For example, for a first birthday gift idea, you could get a memory bear made with the baby’s first romper suit or ‘coming home’ outfit, which would be the sweetest gift. Alternatively, if someone has lost someone close to them, you could make the memory bear with a garment of their clothing, so they always have something to hold, and will give them so much comfort.

Pressed Flowers

Pressed flowers always make a beautiful gift idea, regardless of the occasion. You could press flowers from your loved one’s wedding, or any other special occasion, and have them placed in a frame, or even a piece of jewellery, so they get to keep the pressed flowers forever.

The Best Keepsake Gift Ideas

Engraved Jewellery

Jewellery is a great gift idea for everyone, but sometimes it’s nice to go down the personalised route, so you can customise the gift for your loved one. You could have a piece of jewellery engraved with their name, a quote that’s meaningful to them, a date or a special date. Some jewellers even print handwriting, or fingerprints onto jewellery, for an even more thoughtful gift idea.

Custom Calendar

With photos, you can create endless personalised gifts. You can make photobooks, cushions, aprons, canvases and even calendars. If you visit your loved one’s social media accounts, you should be able to see lots of lovely photos they’ve posted, and you could choose twelve of them to create a super special photo calendar, which they can use on their desk at work, and they’ll remember your gift all year-round, whilst looking at their calendars.

There are so many different keepsake gift ideas, and you don’t have to spend a fortune, either. Hopefully you’ve found these gift idea suggestions helpful, and they’ll inspire you to choose a super thoughtful gift!