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Can LLLT Really Regrow Your Hair?

A lot of people who are experiencing hair loss desperately want to find an effective treatment to help them restore their hair to its former glory, or at least to improve its current state. People use a variety of treatments to try to achieve hair growth. For example, some people use special shampoos, others use supplements, some people get hair follicle transplants, etc. Low-level laser light therapy (LLLT) is another treatment that is commonly used. 

Can LLLT Really Regrow Your Hair?

What is Low-Level Laser Light Therapy (LLLT)? 

LLLT is a hair loss treatment in which a cap with laser diodes, or a similar device, is put on the head and lasers emitting laser light in a red wavelength are shown on the scalp. People who choose to use this treatment usually will wear the cap and carry out the treatment several times per week in sessions that last about 30 minutes each. LLLT therapy is extremely easy to do and it is very safe. 

How Does LLLT Work? 

There is a lot of science behind low-level laser light therapy. The basic principle behind LLLT is that when low-level laser light is shown onto the scalp in a certain frequency and wavelength, it is able to stimulate the hair follicles to become more active, to regenerate, and to start producing more hair. This process is called “photo biotherapy.” During the photo biotherapy process, laser light is absorbed by the hair follicles on the scalp and it stimulates their protein synthesis and metabolism. This results in improved cellular respiration and blood flow. 

When hair follicles have better cellular respiration and blood flow, they have higher levels of oxygenation and they are better able to receive nutrients which allows them to operate more effectively and to be healthier. LLLT regenerates hair follicles and changes them from the dormant (telogen) phase to the anagen (growth) phase. In other words, LLLT helps to bring hair follicles back to life and make them productive again. When enough hair follicles return to the anagen growth phase, it can dramatically improve hair growth on the scalp. 

Can LLLT Really Regrow Your Hair?

Is LLLT Really Effective?

There have been many studies that have proven that LLLT is safe and effective. For example, this study showed that using LLLT for 16 weeks improved hair growth by 39% in a group of men aged 18-48. In this study, no side effects were reported by any of the participants. Here is another study that also proved that LLLT is safe and effective. There have been many studies like these two that have produced similar results. 


When it comes to hair loss treatment, LLLT is one of the absolute best options because it is safe, effective, and convenient. There are many hair caps that are also extremely discreet, so you can even wear them in public and people will have no idea that you are carrying out a hair loss treatment! If you would like to get started with LLLT, then you should consider getting a laser cap from Kiierr. Kiierr offers one of the most effective and discreet laser caps on the market.