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ELF Jelly Pop Dew Face Primer Review

ELF Jelly Pop Dew Face Primer

The ELF Jelly Pop Dew Face Primer originally launched back in the summer of 2019, and it was part of the limited edition Juicy Pop Collection. The primer was the standout product from the collection, and ELF fans were gutted when the primer was discontinued.

However, ELF delighted their fans by announcing in May 2020, that the ELF Jelly Pop Dew Face Primer was coming back, and it was going to be a permanent product within their range. I never tried it first time around, so when it did relaunch, I decided I had to try it to see what the fuss was all about.

ELF Jelly Pop Dew Face Primer

ELF Jelly Pop Dew Face Primer

I’ve tried a lot of the ELF primers over the years, but the ELF Jelly Pop Dew Face Primer really appealed to me, as it claims to lock your makeup in place, whilst also moisturising the skin. This primer has a lot of rave reviews on the ELF websites, so I had high hopes.

Dew it up! This gel texture primer multitasks to keep your makeup in place while moisturizing your skin. It glides on silky smooth without that sticky feel and is bursting with skin-happy vitamins and antioxidants, plus a refreshing watermelon scent. Makeup-free hack: wear alone for that dewy, fresh-face finish.

ELF Jelly Pop Dew Face Primer

The ELF Jelly Pop Dew Face Primer is £10, and contains 30ml of product within a red tinted, translucent tube with a pump dispenser.

I really like the packaging, and it looks like ELF are sticking with the squeezy plastic tubes for their primers, as they opted for this packaging format for their newest primer; the Power Grip Primer.

This primer has a watermelon scent, and has a jelly like consistency which feels cooling and refreshing as you massage it into the skin. If you don’t like sticky feeling primers, I don’t think you’ll enjoy this particular primer.

ELF Jelly Pop Dew Face Primer

Once blended into the skin, it feels sticky and tacky, which I guess is what helps your makeup to adhere to the skin for longer, but it’s not the kind of primer I’d ever apply on no makeup days – look how sticky my skin looks in the above photo…

Sometimes I wear a primer on no makeup days, to improve the appearance of my skin, but this sticky residue the ELF Jelly Pop Dew Face Primer leaves on the skin isn’t my favourite. It’s not an issue once I’ve applied your foundation over the top, but it makes your hands feel sticky too, which I personally don’t enjoy with a primer.

The stickiness of the primer will probably be what helps your makeup last longer, and it does do a great job at keeping your makeup looking good all day, but it doesn’t feel all that hydrating, nor does it improve the appearance of the skin. It’s a primer I’ll finish up, but not one I’d repurchase, as I much prefer the ELF Soothing Primer.

You can find the ELF Jelly Pop Dew Face Primer right here.