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High Street Spring Fashion Trends 2022

Whether you’re a shopaholic or the thought of hitting the shops makes you break out in a cold sweat, finding a spring style to suit you can be challenging. There’s a lot going on this season, from women’s Adidas sneakers to retro 90s pieces! Here are some tips to help you look your best this spring!

High Street Spring Fashion Trends 2022


You can find clothes available in pastel shades of nearly every color. Pastels are softer, muted versions of primary and secondary colors such as yellow, blue, and pink. They tend to be described as light or delicate in tone, as well as soothing and gentle on the eye. Some examples of common pastel colors include:

  • Pale pink (also known as baby pink)
  • Light green (also known as mint)
  • Baby blue (also known as powder blue).

Almost every item of clothing is available in these shades in the spring months!

High Street Brands Have A Great Range Of Stylish Neutral Jackets

High street fashion is more than just affordable. It’s also in line with the hottest trends of the season, and one of these is neutral jackets. Right now, one of our favourite ways to style a neutral jacket is with a black dress and white sneakers (hello, spring). But it’s super easy because it goes with basically anything—and we mean that literally.

The fact that neutrals are easy to throw on over any outfit makes them ideal transition pieces. They’re also great layering essentials in their own right, especially when you combine multiple shades together.

Need another reason why neutrals are so popular right now? They work well at any time of day: whether it’s a crisp white button-down shirt or some beige trousers paired with chunky boots for an afternoon shopping trip, these simple silhouettes will add just enough polish without looking too formal.

So get ready to update your wardrobe because these classic jackets can be worn all year round! Whether it’s over dresses as previously mentioned or styled underneath tailored overcoats during colder months — there really is no wrong way when styling them either way; they’ll always look chic no matter what else comes along with it!

High Street Spring Fashion Trends 2022

Denim Is Back On The Radar For Spring

For spring, denim is back on the radar, but it’s a new take on your favourite wardrobe staples. Jeans, denim jackets, and skirts are all having a moment. The twist? Denim in fresh colours, such as pale blue and canary yellow. Denim dresses – often in an A-line cut – are also set to be big news this season, so if you want to wear the look but aren’t keen on jeans or skirts, this could be the ideal way to embrace denim.

Flatforms Are In

Flatforms are having a moment this spring. They’re the perfect substitute for heels and can be worn with jeans, skirts, or dresses. Whether you prefer patent leather or suede, flatforms will ensure that you look on-trend without compromising comfort. Choose from a range of colours to suit your personal style and wear them all day long!

Wear Monochrome With A Pop Of Colour

Monochromatic dressing is the easiest way to look chic and stylish in a hurry. But all the same colour can get a little boring, even if it is timeless. The solution? Add some colour to your outfit with accessories or tops. You don’t have to go all-out; just a pop here and there will do the trick.

High Street Spring Fashion Trends 2022

Fashion In 2022 Will Be A Throwback To Previous Decades

In 2022, high street fashion will be returning to its 1990s and 1970s roots. “Retro-chic” is set to be in vogue again this season as we move from an era of strength and masculine fashion to one of feminine softness and pastels.

Fashion designers will meld these styles with modern technology in a bid to create even more timeless looks—and with spring, they’ll get their hands on the latest trends soon enough.

The key pieces that you’ll see on the catwalk are going to be V-necks, all-over prints, and flatform boots, which were popular during the 1990s. The material that we’ll see most prominently in clothing is denim. Since it’s classic and has a timeless feel, it’ll lend itself easily to retro pieces without looking dated in any way. More daring pieces like flared jeans and 80s-inspired outerwear could also make an appearance.

This spring, the styles of the ’90s aren’t going anywhere, so you should learn how to rock them. Consider a pencil skirt with a deep V-neck if you’re more comfortable with a tailored look. For those who love the casual flare of breezy dresses, check out this season’s selection of swingy dresses that are sure to delight! Keep your eye on pale peach and pale blue colour palettes.