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XX Revolution Cloud Burst Primer Review

The XX Revolution Cloud Burst Primer is a product I knew I had to buy, as soon as it launched, as it looked so cool and different for a drugstore face primer.

This primer launched in April 2021, as part of a whole cloud themed collection, which was themed around the brand’s Cloud CompleXXion Soft Touch Primer, which was one of the first products XX Revolution launched back in 2020.

XX Revolution Cloud Burst Primer

XX Revolution Cloud Burst Primer

Get your head in the clouds… Our XX Revolution cloud collexxion is here! Skin lovin’ ingredients to give a dewy, moisturised base complexxion, infused with (oh so fluffy) marshmallow extract to moisturise and soothe and edelweiss extract, also known as flower of purity, with its anti-oxidant properties… Float like a cloud.

XX Revolution Cloud Burst Primer

The XX Revolution Cloud Burst Primer is £10, and contains 17g / 0.59 oz of product. I’m kinda shocked at how little product you’re getting for £10.

XX Revolution is marketed as being Revolution’s most luxurious brand, and everything does have nicer, sleeker packaging, and the formulas, from what I’ve tried, have warranted the higher price.

However, this XX Revolution Cloud Burst Primer contains 17g of product, and practically every other face primer in the drugstore contains 30g of product, so to get 13g less, and for the price to be higher than most drugstore primers, it’s surprising.

Especially for a product like a face primer, where it’s something you’re going to apply to your whole face and neck, so you need a decent amount of product.

XX Revolution Cloud Burst Primer

The XX Revolution Cloud Burst Primer is housed within a clear, cylindrical tube with a pump.

This primer is a clear jelly, with shimmery pink and shimmery white ‘balls’ suspended within it. The tube has an air pump, which raises from the base, with each pump of the tube, and the raising of the pump is what crushes the pearls, and blends them with the clear jelly.

So, when you pump the tube, the primer dispenses as a clear jelly, with streaks of shimmer through it.

So you have to mix it together on the back of your hand with your finger, or rub it together between your fingers, to ensure the shimmer streaks are fully blended into the jelly, otherwise you can end up with almost metallic patches on the face.

XX Revolution Cloud Burst Primer

I’m not sure if you’ll be able to see the shimmer in the XX Revolution Cloud Burst Primer swatches above, but it is very shimmery, and looks silver before you apply it.

It’s quick and easy to massage into the skin, and the ‘jelly’ consistency of the serum feels so cooling and soothing the second you start rubbing it into the skin.

It feels more like a serum than it does a primer, but it does say ‘Priming Serum’ on the box, which is a pretty accurate description.

Once applied, it does leave the skin feeling slightly tacky, like you’ve just applied a hyaluronic serum, and makeup applies nicely over the top.

The XX Revolution Cloud Burst Primer is not the kind of primer I’d wear without foundation, as it is a touch a shimmery, but once foundation is applied over the top, the shimmer isn’t noticeable, and it looks more luminous than shimmery.

I haven’t noticed any lasting benefits to my skin since using the primer, but it feels nice, it looks nice, and it works well as a makeup primer.


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