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Beauty Brands to Keep a Look Out For in 2022

Do you find that you are tired of the same beauty brands you’ve been using all these years? It is time to change it up! Whether you want new beauty products for a wedding, birthday celebration, a night out with friends, or to dress up for a casino-themed night playing slots at, there is sure to be a new beauty product from this year that you will love. Due to the overwhelming number of brands out there today, finding such products can be challenging, so we’ve provided you with a list of the best beauty brands to look out for in 2022.

Beauty Brands to Keep a Look Out For in 2022

Bread Beauty Supply

Bread Beauty Supply offers hair care basics for not-so-basic hair, and it is disrupting the market for ethnic hair care with a product line designed for textured hair. The Australian founder of Bread Beauty Supply has simplified the time-consuming and complex hair routine of curly and textured-haired people down to three simple products: hair wash, hair mask, and hair oil.

Its vegan, cruelty-free formulas are designed to deeply moisturise, hydrate, and detangle. They claim to tame even the driest, tightest of curls. They have simple and safe ingredients that make hair life more manageable while celebrating Australian native oils and extracts. 

Fleur & Bee

Fleur and Bee is a cruelty-free skincare line that employs only natural, clean, non-toxic and vegan products. The company’s mission is to make all-natural skincare accessible to everyone, so every item in its line of products is priced under $30 (around £25). Founded in California in 2019 by Matthias Hug, Fleur & Bee is dedicated to providing safe, clean, and healthy products for our skin. Their products don’t contain parabens, silicones, sulphates, GMOs, artificial fragrances or dyes. 

The company began with just four products and has steadily grown its name and presence in the beauty world. Now, you can find a wide range of affordable beauty products like Rose Water Toner, Vitamin C Serum and anti-ageing eye cream.

Beauty Brands to Keep a Look Out For in 2022


Exa Beauty’s mission is to be the first brand that gives every individual a perfect match to their skin tone and complexion. When the brand launched, it boasted 43 shades of foundation, a first in the clean beauty industry. 

The High Fidelity Foundation from the company is an incredibly durable and high-quality foundation with a lasting semi-satin finish. The solution is easy to apply and is formulated with calming maqui berry, protecting microalgae actives and moisturising hyaluronic acid. Other products include their Jump Start Smoothing Primer and High Fidelity Balancing Colour Corrector. The entire product line is vegan and cruelty-free, and every item is packaged using 100% reclaimed materials.

Beauty Brands to Keep a Look Out For in 2022

Peach & Lily

Peach & Lily skincare products will give you “glass skin,” a K-Beauty trend that gives you radiant skin, a glowing complexion, and, perhaps most importantly, an even tone. This brand increased in popularity due to the social media world (they have a very busy Instagram page!) and is known for its cruelty-free products and for being free from harsh ingredients. 

Customers are encouraged to utilise the Peach & Lily Korean skincare routine, which consists of five steps. The company’s collection of natural skin care products helps banish bad skin days forever with its plant-powered formula. In addition to eliminating harsh chemicals and quick fixes, Peach & Lily products address skin concerns beneath the surface to deliver long-term results.