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Can I Wash My Face with Body Wash?

Washing your face is a key part of keeping your skin looking healthy and hydrated.

Some people have their own special routine, while others like to keep it simple.

But when it comes to deciding what product to use – body wash or facial cleanser – the choice can be difficult – can I wash my face with body wash? In this article,

I’ll share whether you can safely use body wash on your face and provide tips for choosing the right one.

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What Are The Other Functions Of Shower Gel?

Shower gel is a cleansing product used in the shower to cleanse and lather up your skin.

But did you know that shower gels can also be used for other purposes besides washing?

Besides its most basic use, shower gel can also be used as a shaving cream or even as a great body scrub.

This is because it has a thick consistency and contains ingredients such as glycerin, which help to create a rich lather when combined with water that aids in removing hair.

Some people opt to mix their shower gel with sugar and/or sea salt to create an effective body scrub.

Not only does it exfoliate the skin without being too abrasive, but it also locks in moisture.

And provides a relaxing aromatherapy effect due to the natural oils contained within the product’s ingredients.

If you have any dry patches of skin, try mixing some warm water with your shower gel until you achieve a paste-like consistency.

Then apply gently over any problematic areas for an extra hydration boost.

You can add a few drops of essential oil into your shower gel bottles if you would like an added dose of aromatherapy during your morning showers.

If you find yourself running out of laundry detergent or fabric softener whilst doing your laundry, don’t worry.

Just add some liquid shampoo or shampoo bars (which are similar to soap bars) instead into your machine’s wash cycle.

Both items do essentially the same job, but have different consistencies.

So, there are plenty of alternative uses for your shower gels across multiple contexts – why not give them a go?

Can I Wash My Face with Body Wash?

Soap experts advise against washing your face with body wash.

Your skin on your face is much more delicate than the rest of your body, hence using soap on it can be bad for your face.

It’s best to keep face and body soaps separate. Washing your face in the shower with a body soaps might seem like a convenient option.

But it actually disrupts the natural skin barrier which protects and maintains optimal health of your facial skin.

Body washes are usually thicker and more potent compared to milder cleansers meant specifically for faces.

This means that they almost definitely have higher pH levels, which can harm the skin’s acid mantle or protective layer, leading to dryness or irritation.

Consequently, if you’re looking for something to cleanse your face within the shower (which isn’t recommended), reach for something made specifically for breaking down oil on the skin without stripping it of its natural moisture barriers – a gentle cleansing milk may do just the trick.

Soaps should only be used on areas other than your face, as the formula is not safe for facial use due to its composition, which is not effectively designed for delicate facial tissue.

So, it is best practice not to wash your face with body wash as it is too strong and could cause disruption of natural oils/barriers resulting in irritation or dryness.

To properly cleanse from dirt and debris from skin pores, it is better usage of designated products designed especially for that purpose.

Such as gentle milky cleansers specifically meant to cleanse sensitive facial tissue without disrupting its protective outer layers.

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Can I Use Face Wash As Body Wash?

Yes, you can use face wash as body wash. According to dermatologists, it is often a better option than using regular body soap on your face.

Normal body soaps contain more chemicals like sulfates that can dry out your skin and make it feel tight and uncomfortable.

Face washes are usually designed for sensitive skin, and are specifically formulated with gentler ingredients that won’t aggravate the delicate facial area.

Some brands of face wash also contain additional moisturizers and anti-ageing ingredients, which help keep your skin looking young and healthy.

However, you should not use any face washes that have an artificial fragrance, as this could potentially cause irritation or an allergic reaction if used on the body.

In general, it’s best to stick with body wash products designed specifically for the body rather than those intended for the face.

Body washes generally contain milder cleansers plus added hydrating ingredients such as glycerin or shea butter, which help protect against dryness while still providing a deep cleanse.

They may also include fragrances, which make them ideal for people who prefer a nice smelling shower experience but want to avoid overly harsh chemicals.

Downsides Of Using Body Wash On Your Face

Using body wash on your face is a bad idea, as body wash is bad for the skin, as it can cause redness, dry skin, and even breakouts, regardless of your skin type.

Body washed are specifically designed for our bodies, and when used on the face they contain different ingredients than bar soaps, which are usually more suitable for the delicate skin on your face.

The ingredients in body wash can be too harsh for facial skin because they may contain fragrances, sulfates, parabens and other synthetic compounds that strip away essential oils from your skin.

This will cause redness or dryness of the face since it is highly sensitive to such products and can easily become irritated.

Exposing your skin to these toxins can also sometimes lead to a breakout due to clogged pores.

As body washes are not formulated with the same cleansing agents found in soaps made especially for use on the face.

To keep your face clean and healthy, it’s best if you opt for gentle cleansers that are formulated for facial use instead of using a body wash.

While some people might think that using body washes is an easier way to clean their faces due to its convenience, this should not be encouraged.

Especially since there are better alternatives available out there specifically designed to take care of the delicate skin on our faces.

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If You Run Out Of Face Wash, What Else Can You Wash Your Face With?

When you run out of face wash, it can be tempting to use bar soap to clean your face.

However, this shouldn’t be done as using body and face soaps interchangeably can cause irritation and other skin issues as they are formulated differently.

The pH levels in bar soaps may be too high for your skin and can lead to dryness or oiliness.

Instead of using bar soaps on your face, it’s better to wash your face with a skincare product that is specifically made for the delicate area.

Products like cleansers, micellar waters and toners have been specifically designed for this purpose and should be used rather than regular soap products.

If no skincare products are available, then you could use natural cleansing agents such as honey or yogurt.

Which are also quite effective in cleaning the skin naturally without being too harsh on its pH level.

Overall, it is important to remember that even though body and facial soaps may seem like an easy shortcut when you run out of face wash.

They are likely going to end up doing more harm than good in the long term.

So, while it might be tempting to use them just this one time – make sure it doesn’t become a habit, as this can irreversibly damage the health of your skin.


If you’re wondering if it’s okay to use body wash as a face wash, the answer is now.

Face washes are all formulated for your face, and you shouldn’t use body wash on your delicate skin of the face, as it’s bad for your skin, as body wash contains harsh ingredients.

You don’t want to end up with damaged skin, as you’re using a body cleanser as a face cleanser.

So only cleanse the face with proper facial cleansers within your skincare routine, to preserve your skin’s natural skin barrier, without worrying that you’ll dry your skin.