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Can You Tan Through Concealer?

We all know how important it is to protect our skin from sun damage, but sometimes we also want to get that beautiful golden glow.

Can you use concealer to still achieve a tan while protecting your face? In this article, I’ll let you know, can you tan through concealer?

For the times you want a little bit of coverage whilst sunning yourself around the pool, or at the beach.

Woman laying on the sand wearing a white bikini and white sunglasses

Can You Wear Makeup While Tanning?

Yes, it is possible to wear makeup while tanning. However, it is important to ensure that you are wearing the right kind of makeup when you get a tan, and your skin produces melanin.

This can help to make sure that your pores do not get clogged and that the results of your tan are even.

Makeup products meant for outdoor use typically contain sunscreen and other materials which act as a barrier against harmful UV rays from the sun, which could result in sunburn or skin damage over time.

When choosing makeup for outdoor use, make sure you choose products with an SPF rating of at least 15 so that your skin stays protected.

If you plan on using any powder-based products, such as pressed powders or loose powders, try to avoid applying them directly after getting out of the sun.

This could cause uneven lines in your tan since the powder particles will settle into crevices and can be difficult to remove.

Remember to apply waterproof mascara before heading outdoors, as regular mascara may run and smudge off during exposure to sunlight or water activities like swimming.

Can You Tan Through Concealer?

Tanning is a popular way to make your skin look younger and healthier, but can you still tan if you’re wearing concealer?

The short answer is yes, although it’s important to understand that the results may not be quite as even.

Concealer can act as a barrier between your skin and the sun’s rays, which can prevent an even tan from forming. It’s also important to be aware of how long you spend in the sun while wearing makeup—it could potentially clog your pores and cause breakouts.

If you prefer a natural Bronze glow rather than one caused by self-tanner or makeup, then you can definitely still tan while wearing concealer.

However, it’s important to apply sunscreen before stepping out into the sun. This will help protect your skin from possible damage due to prolonged exposure, like dryness or burning.

Make sure that when applying concealer, always use products with SPF protection in them, so they won’t block out any of the beneficial UV rays needed for healthy tanning and protection against further damage from sunburns.

It’s also important to remember that just because you can still tan while wearing some forms of makeup doesn’t mean that this is always recommended.

If not applied correctly or done sparingly (with minimal coverage), makeup can act as an uneven barrier blocking off sections of skin, resulting in an uneven tan.

That said, with proper application techniques and timely reapplication throughout the day comes the potential for enjoying a beautiful summer glow without sacrificing adequate sun protection.

Woman wearing a black swimsuit and yellow sunglasses with makeup on her face

How Does Makeup Affect How Even Your Skin Tans In The Sun?

Makeup can have a big effect on how evenly your skin tans in the sun. Makeup can block out UV rays, thus hindering the tanning process, and cause your tan to look uneven.

To ensure that your skin will get an even tan, you’ll need to apply sunscreen liberally with an SPF of at least 30 before applying any makeup.

This step should be done every time you’re going outside and exposed to the sun. In addition, it’s important to wear makeup that is lightweight and oil-free, as excess oil can cause skin congestion and clog your pores.

This can prevent your skin from absorbing nutrients or getting an even tan. For those who want more coverage when they are tanning outdoors, there are several cosmetics available specifically designed for such purpose.

Such as tinted moisturizers or light foundation with protection against UVA/UVB rays that won’t block natural melanin production while providing enough coverage to even out certain facial imperfections.

However, heavy concealers should not be used as it might create a barrier preventing the absorption of sunlight which will result in an uneven tan.

If you do use heavy concealer, make sure you take it off after a maximum one hour exposure, so your skin won’t become congested by leaving this thick product on top for too long.

Woman applying a foundation stick to her face

Would It Be Possible To Use A Tanning Bed With Makeup On?

Using a tanning bed with makeup on is not recommended, as it could be potentially harmful to your skin.

The risk of skin cancer is a real hazard when using a tanning bed, and adding makeup to the mix could increase that risk even further.

If you’re looking to get a sunless tan, it is best to do so without wearing any form of makeup while using the tanning bed.

If you choose to tan with makeup on, the makeup can clog the pores in your skin and prevent the UV rays from penetrating your skin while tanning – which defeats the purpose of using a tanning bed altogether, and the tan might be uneven.

Chemicals commonly found in some makeups can cause irreversible damage to your skin if exposed directly to UV light for extended periods of time.

Take extra precaution when looking for an alternative way, such as spray tans or other self-tanning products are often thought as better options than going in a tanning bed with makeup on, as they don’t carry any risks from radiation exposure like those associated with indoor tanning beds do.

Should You Remove Makeup Before Using Tanning Beds?

Yes, you should always remove your makeup before using a tanning bed. Tanning happens when you lay in somewhere like a tanning bed and expose yourself to UV light from the bed’s lamps, with or without the use of special lotions or oils.

When makeup is not removed before tanning, it can also smudge and begin to run down your face because sweat and humidity levels are higher due to the warm atmosphere of the tanning room.

Not only will this make it harder for you to create an even tone while tanning, but medical professionals strongly advise that wearing sunscreen all over your body, including on your face, is essential if you intend to lay out in direct sunlight or using any type of tanning device.

Wearing makeup while sunbathing or using a tanning bed puts you more at risk for burning since the protective elements are blocked by your makeup products.

Makeup also has an additional disadvantage – some cosmetic products contain ingredients that do not react positively to UV light rays, so wearing makeup could actually harm your skin even more than going bare-faced and unprotected.


What happens when you tan whilst wearing makeup on top of your sunscreen?

Well, you can tan in some way, even though makeup acts as a barrier, your tan could end up looking uneven and patchy.

So, it’s best to have bare skin in the sun, with just adequate sunscreen protection – even in small doses. Makeup might allow you to get a tan, but sunscreen would be more effective without makeup applied over the top.