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Does Hair Dye Come Out In The Pool?

If you’re a fan of dying your hair with semi-permanent hair dye, you may be wondering if it’s safe to go in the pool while you have freshly dyed locks.

In this article, I’ll let you know, does hair dye come out in the pool? Plus, what steps to take if you want to make sure your vibrant color stays put. So let’s dive in and find out if hair dye comes out in the pool.

Woman swimming in a swimming pool, swimming under water

How Does Chlorine Affect Permanent Hair Dye?

Chlorine in the swimming pool can have a damaging effect on permanent hair dye because chlorine molecules are naturally attracted to proteins and moisture in the hair.

This causes them to bond with the color molecules of the dyed hair and either strip it off or fade it significantly.

When your hair comes into contact with chlorine, like when you swim in a pool, you may find that your dyed locks are washed away quickly.

The discoloration caused by chlorine can also be exacerbated if you use shampoos that contain harsh chemicals such as sulfates, which are known to weaken already fragile strands.

As a result, dyed strands become particularly vulnerable to damage from chlorinated water.

To prevent this from happening, make sure you take some performance measures before swimming in chlorinated pools.

Such as wearing a swimming cap or applying an after-swim deep conditioning treatment for extra protection against fading color or stripping off your dye job altogether.

Avoid using any clarifying shampoos or treatments (such as those designed for swimmers) while sporting colored tresses; they contain even harsher detergents than normal ones and will work faster at ridding your hair of its gorgeous hue.

Finally, rinse your locks thoroughly with freshwater after each swim session to get rid of all residue from both chlorine and regular detergents used for cleaning the pool waters.

What Happens To Dyed Hair When You Go Swimming?

Recently dyed hair can be damaged by long exposure in a swimming pool or ocean. The chlorine, salt and other chemicals found in the pool or ocean can strip away the artificial color from your hair, fading it faster than if you hadn’t dyed it in the first place.

If you plan to take a dip in the pool, keep your recently dyed hair protected. Wear a tightly fitted swim cap when swimming, and make sure to rinse off your hair with clean water immediately afterward.

It is not recommended that you dye or highlight colored hair before taking a dip, as the dye will likely run when exposed to chlorinated or salty water.

If you must swim with recently dyed hair, try wetting it before entering the water, as this will reduce its porosity, which makes it more difficult for coloring agents to penetrate and stain your locks.

When possible, opt for fresh bodies of water such as lakes over pools and oceans due to their typically lower levels of chlorine and salt content.

To ensure that your new-look stays vibrant longer, use shampoos specifically meant for hair color maintenance after each swim session.

These are formulated with nourishing ingredients needed to keep your newly treated tresses looking sleek and healthy even after repeated dips in the pool.

Does Hair Dye Come Out In The Pool?

Before you take a dip in the pool, it’s important to know whether hair dye will come out in the water or not. depending on how long after dying your hair that you decide to swim, there are different results.

If you have freshly dyed hair or newly dyed hair and want to go for a swim, be careful.

Chlorinated water is notorious for stripping away color-treated hair quickly, so you should protect your dyed hair before going for a run in the pool.

The best way to protect color-treated hair before swimming is by applying conditioner and oil products designed specifically for swimming.

This helps shield your new hair color from fading due to chlorine exposure.

Once done this, wet your head thoroughly with fresh water instead of chlorinated pool water before entering the pool or beach.

To help lock in moisture and keep color vibrant, apply a leave-in conditioner when finished with swimming activities as well.

Saltwater also tends to strip away hair dye if it has been recently applied due to its strong chemical makeup, so make sure you do pre-swim protective measures no matter what type of body of water you’re hopping into.

Woman having hair dye applied to her hair

How Soon Can You Swim After Dyeing Your Hair?

Dyeing your hair can be a fun way to change the color of your hair, but many people wonder how soon they can swim after dyeing their hair.

It is best to wait long after dying your hair before taking a dip in the pool or ocean.

This will help give enough time for the dye to set, and it also allows you to protect your hair from any potential damage caused by swimming in chlorinated water or saltwater.

The type of hair dye you use will determine how long you should wait after dying your hair before going for a swim.

If you opt for permanent dyes, it is usually recommended that you wait at least two weeks before running in a swimming pool or going out into the ocean.

This allows enough time for the new color of your hair to set properly, so it won’t wash out when exposed to chlorine or saltwater.

On the other hand, if you decide to color your locks with semi-permanent colors, then waiting up to three days should suffice before taking a swim.

It’s important to keep your dyed-hair protected when visiting pools and beaches, with chlorine or salt, even after waiting long enough after dying it.

This means wearing a cap or hat while swimming as well as applying conditioner and leave-in creams prior and post activity to avoid exposure of strands.

While shielding them from UV rays and chlorine levels which could cause further damage leading to dryness, breakage or even discoloration over time.

How To Protect Dyed Hair When You Go Swimming After Dyeing Your Hair?

If you have recently dyed your hair and plan to go swimming or head to a pool party, it’s important that you take measures to protect your hair, before you get your hair wet.

After dyeing your hair, the last thing you want is for the vibrant color to fade away after a swim in chlorinated water.

To keep your hair looking beautiful and healthy, here are some tips on how to protect colored hair when going swimming:

First off, before you go to the pool, wash your hair with cold water and condition it.

This will help close down the cuticle layer of the strand, which can prevent chlorine from penetrating further into the hair shaft.

It’s also a good idea to apply hair products like a leave-in conditioner that contains UV protection as well as natural oils & sunscreens which act as barriers against harsh chemicals like chlorine.

Once at the pool, avoid wetting your scalp or ducking fully in headfirst because this will allow more access for chlorine and other chemicals in swimming pools to penetrate deep into your scalp and weaken/fade colored strands of hair.

If possible, try and cover up with a cap or protective wrap before entering any chlorinated water so that little direct contact between your colored hairs occurs.

Woman having hair dye applied to her hair

How To Stop Hair Dye Running In Swimming Pool Water?

If you have dyed your hair recently, you know that dealing with dye run in a swimming pool can be tricky.

Whether you are attending a pool party or just planning to spend the day at the pool, your hair color might be compromised if precaution is not taken.

Depending on the hair dye and type of water used, your color may fade significantly after swimming in the pool. To protect your colored hair and avoid smearing it when submerged in water, here are some tips:

Firstly, always rinse or wet your hair before entering a swimming pool filled with chlorine. This will create a barrier against the harsh chemicals which can strip away the color from freshly dyed strands.

Secondly, wear a swim cap during prolonged periods of swimming, as this will help keep your locks protected from strong chemical contact.

Shampooing regularly after taking dips in pools ensures that as many chemicals as possible get washed off without compromising on color vibrancy.

To further protect newly colored tresses from getting faded over time by chlorine exposure, using store-bought deep conditioning treatments for swimmers is highly recommended.

These products are designed to strengthen weakened strands while preventing fading due to external elements such as UV rays and chlorinated waters found in most public pools and hot tubs.


So, does hair dye come out in the pool? The answer is yes, hair dye can come out in the pool, and it’s important to protect your locks before jumping in.

To prevent fading or discoloration of freshly dyed hair, make sure you take some extra steps, so you don’t cause damage to your hair.

Rinse your hair with freshwater before swimming, wearing a swim cap, applying conditioning and moisturizing products for swimmers, and using shampoos specifically designed for colored tresses to keep the color vibrant longer.

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