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How Long To Leave Saniderm On Tattoo?

Tattoo aftercare plays a major role in keeping your tattoos vibrant and long lasting, so it’s important to understand all aspects involved. One of those after care procedures is how long to leave Saniderm on tattoo?

In this article, I’ll share the application process for Saniderm, as well as best practices for how long you should wait before removing the bandage.

Read on to learn more about proper application and removal times for Saniderm on tattoos.

Woman having a big tattoo piece done to her arm

What Is The Tattoo Aftercare Routine Recommended For A New Tattoo?

The aftercare routine for a new tattoo is an important step in keeping your skin healthy and your tattoo looking great.

To ensure the best results, you should start caring for it as soon as possible so that it heals properly and develops its intended coloration.

The first step of the aftercare routine is to remove the bandage that has been covering the tattoo within two to three hours.

Gently wash the area with lukewarm water and a gentle antibacterial soap or a non-scented liquid soap like Cetaphil Cream Cleanser.

Then, pat dry with a clean cloth or paper towel before applying a layer of ointment such as Aquaphor, vitamin A&D ointment, or Bepanthen.

It’s important not to apply too much ointment because this can prevent essential oxygen from reaching the wound, which can cause infection or slow down healing time.

Once you have applied your first layer of ointment, re-bandage your tattoo using clinical wrap gauze or medical tape but avoid using any plastic wrapping at all costs.

This can lead to bacterial growth and risk ruining your new ink.

After you have finished bandaging up, leave it undisturbed for 24 hours before washing off again following the same process as before – gentleness is key here.

Apply another thin layer of lotion/ointment afterward (omitting any petroleum jelly) and leave uncovered overnight if possible – however, try not to let anything rub against it during this period of time.

Be sure not to submerge your tattoo in pools, lakes and baths until fully healed (at least three weeks).

What Is Saniderm?

Saniderm is a medical-grade adhesive bandage that is used to cover and protect new tattoos. It is made from medical-grade polyurethane material, which is breathable and waterproof.

This type of bandage ensures that the skin below will heal properly without scabbing or scarring, while providing protection from bacteria during the healing process.

Saniderm also hastens the healing process by preventing infection, allowing your skin to heal more quickly and safely than with traditional tattoo aftercare products like ointment or lotion.

The material has a semi-translucent quality, so you can still see the tattoo underneath until it’s fully healed.

The benefits of using Saniderm are vast

  • it allows for faster healing time with fewer scabs and less irritation
  • offers resistance against water, sweat, oils, sunscreens, and other elements
  • prevents infection
  • reduces chances of scarring from picking at scabs
  • keeps longer lasting vibrant colors in your tattoo design
  • preserves crispness in lines and shadows
  • helps reduce discomfort associated with peeling from other types of wraps such as plastic wrap
  • provides UV ray protection for better sun care when outdoors.

Saniderm is an innovative product that supports speedy healing while protecting new tattoos against bacteria and environmental hazards without compromising aesthetics or comfortability.

Whether you’re getting your first-ever body art piece or just looking to up your aftercare game post-tattoo session – investing in Saniderm can be a great long-term decision.

A client with tattoos on her arms, having a new tattoo wrapped in Saniderm bandage

How Does Saniderm Work For Tattoo Healing?

Saniderm is a revolutionary bandage which provides great tattoo healing. It uses a specially developed adhesive to stick directly to the skin and locks in moisture, creating an ideal environment for healing.

When applying Saniderm, it is important to make sure the skin is clean and dry before application.

Start by washing your tattoo gently with antimicrobial soap and warm water, making sure not to scrub too hard or soak the area for long periods of time.

Once you have washed your tattoo, apply a thin layer of Vaseline or another type of moisturizer; this will keep your skin from drying out and make it easier to remove the Saniderm bandages later on.

Next, cut a piece of Saniderm that fits over your entire tattoo until it’s completely covered.

Make sure there are no gaps between pieces of bandage if you need more than one piece of Saniderm to cover the whole tattoo properly.

Fit them together like puzzle pieces, but be careful not to stretch or pull too hard, as that can cause damage.

It’s best to apply each piece smoothly against the skin instead of stretching it as you go along, as this helps ensure its bond with your skin remains solid throughout its use.

Now that you have applied the first Saniderm patch on your tattoo, let it sit for at least 8 hours before removing it.

During this time, create an even more ideal environment by keeping up consistent hydration levels by drinking plenty of water throughout the day (ideally around 3 liters).

After 8 hours have passed, carefully remove the first bandage, being attentive not to irritate or pull off any scabs; then place some fragrance-free soap onto a dampened warm cloth/sponge and gently wash away any residue left where you had removed the old bandage from.

Also, making sure any scabs remain intact while washing, so they don’t come off prematurely.

Finally, once all the residue has been washed away, let air dry before proceeding to apply new Saniderm since wet surfaces tend to weaken their adhesive ability over time.

Repeat these steps every eight hours for up to two weeks until all scabbing has healed and finally, when ready, take the final Saniderm bandage off permanently revealing beautiful ink beneath.

How Long To Leave Saniderm On Tattoo?

It is important to take the proper amount of time to keep Saniderm on a tattoo in order for it to heal properly.

Saniderm is a bandage-like product that helps protect, seal in moisture and allow oxygen exchange while providing an effective barrier against bacteria.

It is made with ultra-stretchable fabric that allows plasma (essential fluids) to pass through while still sticking to the skin and forming strong adhesion.

The initial Saniderm should stay on for 8–24 hours, depending on how well it adheres, before being removed and replaced with additional pieces of Saniderm as needed or allowed by your tattoo artist.

When it’s time to remove your Saniderm you will want to wash the tattoo thoroughly with antibacterial soap and pat dry before removing the bandage at an edge within 2–3 days of application.

Following removal, you can keep wearing Saniderm if desired, but give the tattoo some air after 24 hours, so the body can release some waste products from the healing process.

However, you may have received specific instructions from your tattoo artist about leaving Saniderm on for a longer period of time, so make sure you follow their advice as it was tailored specifically for your tattoo needs.

Once your tattoo weeps have stopped oozing and/or producing more fluid, then you will want to remove any remaining pieces carefully using warm water and pat dry completely with a towel or paper towel before proceeding onward if necessary.

The goal here is to gently remove any last bits of plasma while keeping potential germs away, which could lead to infection in the area.

If this occurs, make sure you speak immediately with a qualified medical professional such as a doctor or nurse practitioner who can treat any related issues swiftly and effectively before they get out of hand.

Following removal, be sure to apply a thin layer of aftercare product such as Aquaphor or Bacitracin-based ointment twice daily.

Until your tattoo is fully healed to moisturize the area, which usually takes 2–4 weeks depending on its size and location, but a minimum of 6 days.

Close-up image of a tattoo on a man's arm being wrapped in Saniderm bandage

How To Remove Saniderm From Your Tattoo?

Removing Saniderm on your tattoo is an important step in the healing and care process.

It should only be done once a few days have passed, or when the bandage begins to feel stiff and tight on your skin, as part of your tattoo care process.

To properly remove Saniderm you will need to start by gently peeling away at the edge of the bandage, starting from one side and carefully working your way around the circumference of your tattoo.

As you peel away from the adhesive of the bandage, you will want to continuously hold down another portion with clean hands, this helps keep bacteria that may be on your hand away from your freshly healed tattoo.

Once all sections of Saniderm are removed, make sure to cleanse off any excess residue with a mild antibacterial soap before applying a thin layer of unscented lotion.

When it comes to removing Saniderm it’s generally advised not to wear it for longer than 7–10 days as this can prevent oxygen access which is needed for a tattoo to heal properly.

It’s also important not leave too much adhesive onto your skin, as this has been known to suffocate a healing tattoo, resulting in scabbing and scarring over time if left unchecked.

Many suggest changing out Saniderm every 4–5 days if staying within these allotted times but making sure that your tattoo weeps into the second layer while being mindful not stretch out or pull at fresh tattoos whilst changing them out.

What Happens If You Don’t Remove Saniderm From Your New Ink?

If you don’t remove Saniderm from your new ink, it can cause a number of issues. Leaving Saniderm on a tattoo for too long can irritate the skin and draw out more ink than desired, making the tattoo look blurry or light in color.

If Saniderm is left on your tattoo, it will not allow the skin to properly breathe and exude any extra fluids or toxins compared to leaving a second bandage off.

This can trap bacteria and increase the chances of infection around the tattoo area and surrounding skin.

To avoid this issue, make sure to remove Saniderm after 24–48 hours or let the tattoo heal naturally without coverings.

Once you have removed Saniderm from your new ink, be sure to moisturize your tattoo regularly, as this will help keep it hydrated and bring down any inflammation around the area.

Make sure to use lotion that is fragrance free as most heavily scented products contain alcohol which can dry out tattoos quickly if used too often. If at anytime throughout the healing process you feel like your tattoo needs an extra layer of protection.

Consider using a clear thin film such as DuoDerm or Tegaderm that allows airflow while keeping wound fluid from seeping onto clothing or bedding.

Finally, make sure to keep an eye on how well your bandage adheres once applied, as loose edges can easily break away, leading to infection with exposure of open wounds exposed near your tattooed area.


When thinking about how long should I leave Saniderm on my new tattoo, there are a few things to remember.

You should leave the Saniderm if you feel the bandage is not ready to be changed or removed, from when you apply the first Saniderm bandage on your fresh tattoo.

For best results, leave your Saniderm bandage for about 8–24 hours. After 24 hours, you can wash your tattoo with a mild soap and apply a new Saniderm bandage as needed, once your old bandage is removed.

When done properly and worn for the right amount of time, Saniderm can help keep your tattoos vibrant and long lasting.

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