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How To Tone Brassy Hair At Home

If you’re looking to get a salon-perfect color without the hassle and expense of a professional hair dye, then toning your brassy hair at home is an easy way to achieve it.

But you might wonder, how to tone brassy hair at home. I’ll share how you can take control of your brassy locks and create a more natural, cool-toned look with some simple tips that don’t require fancy equipment or expensive products.

How To Tone Brassy Hair At Home

What Causes Brassy Hair?

Brassy hair is the result of color-treated hair that has become dull and taken on an orange hue.

The most common cause of brassy hair is due to overuse of heat styling tools, incorrect use of at-home dyes, or swimming in chlorinated water.

Heat styling can strip the natural oils from your hair and cause chemical bonds to break down quicker than they would naturally. When this happens, it can lead to an undesirable orange hue in colored hair.

At-home dyes and coloring kits may not be formulated correctly or formulated with too much red pigment, and can leave users with strange orange tones after their color service.

This also happens when improperly mixing colors together, as this can create a muddy tone effortlessly.

Swimming in chlorinated water for extended periods of time will also dry out the hair, affecting its shine and causing brassiness in previously lightened locks due to oxidation from being exposed to UV rays from the sun while swimming outdoors without wearing a cap or hat.

Using shampoos, conditioners, hair masks and treatments enriched with deep purple pigments counteracts these unwanted orange tones so that you can restore your blonde look.

How To Avoid Brassiness In Your Hair?

Brassiness in hair occurs when unwanted warm tones, such as yellow and orange tones, become dominant in one’s hair after bleaching or other discoloration process.

To avoid brassiness in your hair, it is important to incorporate a few simple steps into your hair care regimen. First, use a toning shampoo regularly that is specifically designed to tone orange hair.

This type of shampoo can help counteract brassy tones without drastically changing the color of your hair.

Second, deep conditioner at least once per week on colored or highlighted tresses to add moisture and prevent further brassiness from forming.

Finally, consider using a purple-tinted leave-in conditioner created specifically to neutralize unwanted yellow and orange hues while protecting against heat damage.

Why Has My Blonde Hair Turned Into Orange Hair?

Why Has My Blonde Hair Turned Into Orange Hair?

If you have noticed that your blonde hair has turned into orange hair, you are not alone. This is a common problem, and it can be caused by several things.

The first thing to understand is that blonde hair looks beautiful in the right light and shade, but when it shifts to an orange color, it can look unnatural and unpleasant.

To avoid this issue or fix brassy blonde hair, consider starting with a thorough wash of your hair with a hair color friendly shampoo and conditioner.

Using a shampoo specifically for blondes or one designed to get rid of brassy hair can help neutralize the tones and return the color to its original beauty. Be sure to add a conditioner afterward so as not to dry out your strands too bad.

Once you wash your hair, there are a few other steps you can take at home to keep them looking bright and vibrant.

If your hair already has brassy tones in it, those need to be addressed before anything else because they could prevent any further treatments from working effectively.

Invest in products like purple shampoo or toning masks, which both help neutralize those brassy shades so that they don’t continue creeping up on you in surprise every few weeks.

Using highlights or lowlights will also help cover up any uneven shades, while also providing texture and depth.

How To Fix Orange Hair After Using Bleach

Bleaching hair can be a great way to drastically lighten your locks. But, it also comes with some risk of orange hues appearing in your new color.

This is because the bleaching process strips away the natural pigments in the hair, leaving a brassy tone if not treated correctly.

To fix this unwanted brassy effect, you will need to use a toner. Toners contain blue or purple pigmentation that counteract the orange tones when applied on bleached hair and helps to restore balance between warm and cool tones.

Be sure to use one that is specifically designed for fixing brassy-colored hair, as this will offer more accurate results.

After applying the toner, allow it to sit for up to twenty minutes before rinsing out with cool water.

For very severely damaged hair, get an appointment at your local professional salon as their advanced techniques can help restore your tresses back to looking their best without further damaging them from experimenting at home too much.

How To Tone Brassy Hair At Home

Toning brassy hair at home to keep your hair looking vibrant and healthy. The first step in correcting brassy yellow tones in your hair is understanding the color wheel, as a way to tone your hair.

If you have brunette hair, you will want to use a bit of blue or violet shampoo or conditioner to make your hair counteract the yellow tones and let it sit for 5–10 minutes.

Adding purple or blue into your haircare routine can make all the difference. You may also consider investing in a color-depositing hair mask if you want more intense results.

These contain temporary pigments that deposit directly onto the hair shaft and are designed specifically to help tone down warm orange brass tones.

Next, if you’re trying to fix brassy hair after bleaching, invest in an at-home toner like Wella Color Charm T18 Lightest Ash Blonde toner.

This can be used on both blonde and brunette locks and helps neutralize brassy tones that appear after bleach damage.

It’s important to follow instructions carefully when using this product, as overuse could cause your hair to turn orange instead of ash blonde.

Make sure that it doesn’t stay on longer than required, either – this will avoid making unwanted cool tones appear too quickly.

If you only want to get rid of the worst of the brassy tones in blonde hair, without coloring it completely, then try a hydrating silver shampoo such as Paul Mitchell Platinum Blonde Shampoo.

Which can help restore some life to dulled out tresses while counteracting unwanted yellow/orange/red hues with added blue/purple pigment technology (cool).

Simply massage into wet strands, wait 3–5 minutes, rinse thoroughly then style as usual – with regular use this should eventually diminish those pesky warm undertones, so they no longer distract from your sun kissed shade.

Lastly, don’t forget there is always the option of dying your hair if you really want to get rid of those stubborn brass hues once and for all.

Just make sure to read up on how often you need touching up, as sometimes over using color can lead to its own set of problems associated with dryness.

How To Use Hair Toner To Get Rid Of Brassy Undertones

How To Use Hair Toner To Get Rid Of Brassy Undertones

If you’ve recently bleached your hair and are looking to get your hair rid of brassy tones, you may need to use a toner.

DIY hair toners for blondes can be used at home or purchased from a salon professional.

Using toner is an easy way to neutralize brassy yellow and orange tones that happen after bleaching your hair, to rid of unwanted tones.

The best part is, the process takes less than 30 minutes and will leave you with the blonde tone you desire.

To start, make sure you have everything ready before you begin; this includes the right type of toner for blonde hair and some 20-volume developer to bleach your hair.

After getting your hair ready, mix the developer and toner for blonde hair together in a bowl according to manufacturer instructions.

Then apply it evenly throughout your entire head of hair until all strands are saturated with the mixture.

Leave it on between 10–20 minutes, depending on how light or dark color tone you prefer – remember that leaving it too long could cause overlapping pigment issues later on when washing out, so keep an eye on time.

Once done, wash out the mixture using lukewarm water until all brassy tones in your hair are gone. Next, condition your locks with a deep conditioning treatment designed specifically for bleach treated hair.

This will help restore lost moisture due to bleaching. Lastly, style as desired.

With this method, you can easily get rid of brassiness while still achieving an overall blonde tone that looks natural yet beautiful.

How To Use Purple Shampoo To Cancel Out Brassy Orange Tones

If you find your blonde hair has faded, or is leaving darkened orange or yellow tones, purple shampoo can help to cancel out those brassy shades.

Designed for blonde hair, purple shampoo is best used as a preventive measure to keep your color from fading in the first place.

To use this color-correcting product, apply it to damp hair, focusing mainly on areas where the orange tones are strongest.

Apply it to your hair and leave it in for two to five minutes, then rinse with cool water and conditioner before styling. This simple trick will make your hair look brighter and more vibrant while restoring its natural shade of blonde.

If you’re trying to maintain a specific style of hair colour like ombre or balayage, regular use of purple shampoo can help keep the subtle gradations intact so that all parts of your hair can remain looking healthy and beautiful.

However, depending on how light or dark your hair needs to be toned down from the brassiness, you may need more than one application; repeat as needed until desired results are achieved.

How To Turn Orange Hair To Ash Blonde Hair

To turn orange hair to ash blonde, begin by making sure the hair is clean and free of any product residue left in it. Before dyeing the hair, use a purple shampoo or conditioner to neutralize any brassiness in the color, or red tones.

Once this is done, apply an ash blonde dye over the entire head of hair. After letting, it processes for 30 minutes, rinse with cool water until the water runs clear.

Use a toning shampoo and conditioner specifically for silver/ash blondes if needed.

Be careful when washing your newly dyed hair; wash infrequently, using warm water and sulfate-free shampoo, instead of regular shampoo to avoid stripping the color away too quickly.

Make sure you use a deep conditioning treatment at least once every two weeks once you have achieved your desired shade of ash blonde, and maintain ashy tones throughout your locks by using violet-based products every few weeks.

Can Dark Hair Colors Get Brassy Tones?

Can Dark Hair Colors Get Brassy Tones?

Darker hair colors can get brassy tones over time, especially with frequent heat styling. The outermost layer of the hair is called the hair cuticle, and it can be prone to damage when exposed to harsh chemicals or heat.

Brown hair in particular can become more susceptible to receiving brassy tones. To avoid this, try using high-quality hair products that are specifically designed for colored hair.

If you still find yourself experiencing unwanted brassiness, toning shampoos are a great resource to help maintain your natural pigment of hair color within the hair cuticle.

To achieve the best results, use such products regularly, and a hair mask and follow instructions carefully when applying permanent dyes or heat styling, to maintain your hair health.

Top Tips For Toning Your Hair At Home

When it comes to toning your hair at home, there are many tips you should follow. First, if you’re going blonde, it’s essential that you use a toner for orange hair or yellow hair – this will help to neutralize the brassy hues in your color.

Always be sure to read the instructions carefully before applying any product. Make sure that you choose a shade of hair blonde that suits your skin tone and natural coloring – this will help to enhance your overall look.

Lastly, be sure to apply the toner evenly throughout your hair so that all sections are evenly balanced. With just these few simple steps, you can achieve stunning results with an even tone.


If you want to get rid of orange and yellow tones from your hair, there are hacks you can do to cancel out those unwanted brassy tones, to give you the perfect hair of your dreams.

You can try a toner for brassy orange hair, purple shampoo or blue shampoo, toning shampoo, lemon juice, purple toner, blue toner, box dye, clarifying shampoo and other remedies to give your hair the color you want.

Orange tones on bleached hair is very common, so utilize detox shampoos, to help keep your hair color the color you want.

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