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How To Take Out Contacts With Long Nails

If you wear contacts and have long nails, you know how frustrating it can be to remove them safely and easily. Long nails can make it difficult to grip the contacts, and can even cause scratches or damage to the lenses or your eyes.

You might be wondering, how to take out contacts with long nails. But fear not – with a few simple tips and tricks, you can learn how to take out contacts with long nails like a pro.

So, if you wear contact lenses, and want to know how to take your contacts out, without damaging your eyes, keep on reading for the best ways to remove contacts safely.

How To Take Out Contacts With Long Nails

Why Are Contacts Difficult to Remove with Long Nails?

Having long nails can be stylish and fashionable, but when it comes to removing your contact lenses, they can pose a challenge, and there’s a lot of TikTok hacks to help you remove them.

You might wonder why it’s so difficult to take out contacts with long nails. In this section, we’ll explore the reasons behind this and provide some helpful tips to make the process easier.

One of the main reasons for this difficulty is that long nails can make it hard to grip the contact lens properly.

When you try to pinch the lens between your fingers, your nails may get in the way, making it challenging to remove the lens without causing irritation to your eyes, or even scratching your cornea – the clear, protective outer layer of the eye.

The tips of long nails are not as sensitive as your fingertips, making it harder to feel the lens and properly judge when you’ve got a good grip on it.

This can result in you accidentally poking your eye or even dropping the lens, further complicating the removal process.

Another concern when removing contacts with long nails is the risk of damaging the lens itself. Long nails can easily tear, puncture, or warp the delicate material of the contact lens if not handled gently.

Such damage not only renders the lens unusable, but may also lead to eye irritation or infections if the lens is placed back in your eye.

Lastly, anyone with long nails knows that they can be a breeding ground for bacteria, which can be transferred onto your contact lenses if you’re not careful.

This potential risk of infection makes it even more crucial to practice good contact lens hygiene, such as washing your hands thoroughly before attempting to remove your contacts.

Common Mistakes When Removing Contacts with Long Nails

It’s easy to make mistakes when you put in contacts or remove contact lenses with long nails. Read on to know the common mistakes and how to prevent them.

One common mistake is not washing your hands and nails properly before attempting to remove contacts. Shorter nails are obviously easier, but if you have long fake nails, there are ways to take them out.

When you wear long nails, remember to wash your hands with soap and water and scrub under your nails to ensure they’re free of bacteria and debris. This simple step can save your eyes from infection.

Using your nails directly on the lens is another no-no. As tempting as it might be to use your nails to grip the contact lens, doing so can result in a tear or a scratch on the lens.

It could also cause unnecessary eye irritation. Instead, use the pads of your fingers to touch the lenses.

When removing contact lenses, some people make the mistake of pulling their eyelid too much. Gently stretch your eyelids, but avoid overstretching, as this can cause your eye muscles to become strained and may lead to saggy eyelids in the long run.

Some people also make the mistake of trying too hard to remove contacts when they won’t come out easily.

If you find yourself struggling to remove a lens, avoid forcing it! Instead, apply a few drops of lubricating eye drops to help loosen the contact lens and try again.

And lastly, trying to remove contacts without a proper case is a common mistake. Just like your hands, your contact case should be clean and filled with fresh contact lens solution.

Avoid using tap water, as it’s not sterile and may contain microorganisms that could harm your eyes, and try and use warm water which has been sterilized.

Preparing Your Hands and Long Nails for Contact Removal

Preparing Your Hands and Long Nails for Contact Removal

Rocking those fabulous long nails? No worries! You can still take out your contacts with ease by following some simple steps to prepare your hands and nails for the process. 

First things first, hand hygiene is crucial when handling your contact lenses – and even more so when you have long nails.

Start by washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water, making sure to clean under your nails as well. You don’t want any bacteria hiding there and transferring to your eyes.

After washing your hands, rinse them well to remove all the soap residue. Soap on your fingers could irritate your eyes when you remove your contacts.

Be sure to use a clean, lint-free cloth or paper towel to dry your hands completely. Damp hands might make it challenging to grip your lenses, plus water can harbor microorganisms that may cause eye infections.

Now that your hands are squeaky clean, let’s focus on your long nails. To minimize the risk of accidentally scratching your eye or tearing your lens during the removal process, check the edges of your nails for any rough spots or sharp edges.

Use a nail file to smooth any areas that need attention, and trim nails as needed to make them as safe as possible.

The Best Tools and Techniques for Removing Contacts with Long Nails

Having fabulous long nails shouldn’t prevent you from using contact lenses. There are a few nifty techniques and tools that will help you remove your contacts without accidentally damaging them or your eyes. Let’s look at some of the most loved methods.

The Rolling Method

You can look forward to a smoother experience using the rolling method while avoiding your nails. Start by ensuring your hands are clean and free of any contaminants.

  1. Stand in front of a mirror with good lighting.
  2. Look upward and use the pad of your index or middle finger to slide the lens to the lower part of your eye.
  3. Gently push the lens against the white part of your eye and roll it between your thumb and finger, until it comes off your eye.
  4. Grab the lens with the pads of your fingers, avoiding the nails, and place it in the contact lens case filled with fresh solution.

The Pinching Method

The pinching method is another go-to for people with long nails. Here’s how to do it:

  1. First, make sure your hands are thoroughly washed and dried.
  2. Look straight into the mirror and use the fingers that you’re most comfortable with.
  3. Gently squeeze your upper and lower eyelids together while getting closer to your contact lens.
  4. Once your eyelids are close to touching your contact lens, slowly pinch the lens between your fingers, ensuring that your nails don’t touch your eye.
  5. Remove the contact lens and store it in the lens case with solution.

Using Tweezers or Contact Lens Remover

If the rolling and pinching methods still seem challenging, consider using tweezers or a contact lens remover. These tools are designed to make contact lens removal a breeze, even for those with the longest of acrylic nails!

  1. Purchase contact lens tweezers or a contact lens remover specifically made for this purpose.
  2. As usual, start with clean and dry hands.
  3. Stand in front of a well-lit mirror.
  4. Use the tweezers or contact lens remover to gently grip the edges of the lens.
  5. Carefully remove the lens from your eye and place it in the lens case with fresh solution.

Removing Contacts with Long Nails for Sensitive Eyes

How To Take Out Contacts With Long Nails

Keep your nails clean and well-maintained. This will help to decrease the possibility of any bacteria entering your eyes.

Dirt particles and debris could also scratch the lenses themselves, so it’s important to be mindful of your nail hygiene.

Always wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before touching your eyes or lenses. This will remove any dirt, germs, or oils from your fingers and nails that could cause eye irritation or damage your lenses.

When removing your lenses, use the pad of your fingertip instead of your nails.

Hold your eye open with two fingers and gently pinch the lens with your thumb and index finger, taking care not to come into contact with your cornea.

If you find this difficult, consider using a contact lens removal tool or a soft silicone plunger for added protection.

To prevent corneal scratches, move slowly and avoid pressing too hard. Also, never use your nails to remove a stuck contact lens.

If the lens is stubborn and won’t come off, try using rewetting drops or saline solution to loosen it, blink several times, and then try to remove the lens once more. This should help prevent any cornea damage or eye pain.

Removing Contacts with Long Nails for Sensitive Eyes

Great news! You can absolutely take out your contact lenses, even with long nails, while keeping your sensitive eyes in mind.

Let’s dive into a few handy techniques that can make the process easier and safer for you.

First, always start by washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Make sure to dry your hands with a lint-free towel to avoid introducing any debris into your eyes.

This is an essential step, especially for those with sensitive eyes, as it reduces the risk of introducing irritants or bacteria that could lead to infections.

Now it’s time to tackle those lenses. One popular method for removing contacts with long nails is the pinching method.

To do this, place your thumb underneath your eye, while your index finger rests on your eyelid. Gently squeeze your eye using your thumb and index finger, and the lens should immediately pop out.

This method can be effective while also minimizing the risk of poking your sensitive eyes with your long nails.

Another great option is to use a special contact lens tweezer, designed specifically for easy lens removal. These tweezers have soft silicone tips for a gentle grip on your contact lenses, preventing scratches or tears in the lens.

They help you avoid touching your sensitive eyes directly and minimize the chance of accidental pokes with your long nails.

Throughout the process, pay close attention to your eye comfort and be patient. In case you feel any discomfort or pain, stop and try again after giving your eyes a moment to relax.

Remember that your sensitive eyes need extra care and attention, so avoid rushing through the process. Let your eyes take breaks if necessary, and listen to your body.



Now that we’ve gone through the basics on how to get your contacts out with long nails, you should feel confident and prepared to take out your contact lenses with long nails.

Remember to keep your hands clean, use the pad of your fingers instead of your nails, and consider using tweezers or a contact lens removal tool for added protection. 

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