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Does Vaseline Help Nails Grow?

Are you looking for an easy way to improve the look and health of your nails? Many people swear by Vaseline as a miracle solution for brittle, chipped nails.

But is there any truth in this? Does Vaseline help nails grow? Or is it just another beauty myth? Keep on reading to find out the truth…

Does Vaseline Help Nails Grow?

What is Vaseline Petroleum Jelly?

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly is a semi-solid mixture of hydrocarbons created from the distillation of petroleum.

With its popularity growing, Vaseline is now available in many forms, such as lotions, creams, body sprays, deodorants, and lip balms.

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly’s main ingredient is mineral oil which helps protect and lock in moisture to prevent dry skin and keep any existing moisture within the skin cells protected from irritants or environmental hazards.

This jelly also helps to create a barrier on the surface of your skin that helps seal in moisture to prevent dryness.

It acts like a lubricant when massaged onto areas with scarring or stretch marks due to its consistency, which makes it easier for massage applications than regular oils or lotions.

Its anti-inflammatory properties also make Vaseline great for healing cracked heels, burns, cuts, scrapes and blisters as well as soothing diaper rash and other minor skin irritations. 

What Are The Beauty Benefits Of Vaseline?

Vaseline is a petroleum-based ointment that has many applications when it comes to beauty.

Its ability to soothe, protect and moisturize skin makes it a beneficial addition to any skincare routine.

As an occlusive agent, Vaseline helps the outer layer of skin seal in moisture by forming a barrier which keeps water in and pollutants out.

This not only hydrates the skin but also lets it heal from abrasions or minor cuts as well as create a protective layer against toxins in the environment.

Vaseline can be used to control frizz on hair as well as reduce shine on oily areas such as the forehead or nose.

Some people have even found that using Vaseline can help reduce acne scars over time since it prevents scar tissue from drying out while protecting underlying tissue from environmental exposure. 

Top Tips To Make Nails Grow Faster

Top Tips To Make Nails Grow Faster

If you’re looking for ways to promote healthy nail growth, there are a few things you can do to help your nails grow long and strong. Here are some tips to try:

Maintaining a Balanced Diet

Eating a balanced diet is key to promoting healthy nail growth. Your nails rely on nutrients like biotin, keratin, and protein to grow strong and healthy.

Make sure you’re getting enough of these nutrients in your diet by eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, and lean protein sources.

Using Natural Oils

Natural oils like olive oil and jojoba oil can help moisturize your nails and promote healthy growth.

Try massaging a small amount of oil into your nails and cuticles each day to keep them healthy and strong.

Avoiding Nail Damage

Nail damage can lead to brittle nails, breakage, hangnails, and other issues that can hinder healthy nail growth.

To avoid damage, be careful when doing activities that could harm your nails, like gardening or washing dishes. Wear gloves if necessary to protect your nails.

Proper Nail Maintenance

Proper nail maintenance is also important for healthy nail growth. Keep your nails clean and dry, and avoid using harsh chemicals like nail polish remover.

Use a good quality nail file to shape your nails, and push back your cuticles gently with a cuticle pusher. Applying cuticle oil can also help keep your cuticles healthy and moisturized.

Can Anything Help Grow Nails Overnight?

Growing your nails overnight is not possible; however, there are certain steps that can be taken to promote nail growth and make them grow more quickly.

Firstly, taking good care of your nails by keeping them moisturized and using cuticle oil to nourish the nail bed. Keeping your nails healthy through regular filing and buffing also helps to keep them strong.

You should avoid cutting or trimming the skin around the edges of the nail as this can cause damage and impede growth.

Proper nutrition can also contribute to stronger nails; vitamins A, C, E, calcium, zinc, biotin and folic acid all play a role in maintaining strong nails, so making sure you have an adequate intake of these essential nutrients will help foster new growth.

You may also want to consider adding a natural supplement specifically designed for nail health as this can help speed up the process even further. 

Does Vaseline Help Nails Grow?

Applying Vaseline to your nails can help them become stronger and even help them grow faster. The amount of Vaseline used is important in order for its full benefits to take effect.

You only need a thin layer of Vaseline on your nails, so it is important not to over apply the product. When caring for your nails, you can also apply a little Vaseline around each nail cuticle.

Doing this will help stimulate growth and keep the area moisturized so that it does not dry out or crack.

Applying a small amount of Vaseline directly onto the surface of your nail beds will create a barrier against water and other outside elements with regular use, helping you grow strong, pretty nails.

Although Vaseline may not make them grow significantly faster than normal, it does provide nutrients and protection that are needed for proper nail care, which might lead to longer-lasting results in terms of growing healthy nails quickly.

Can Vaseline Make Your Nails Grow Overnight?

Can Vaseline Make Your Nails Grow Overnight?

Using Vaseline on your nails can help with nail growth, but it won’t cause your nails to grow overnight. If you’re looking for an easy and natural way to help improve your nail health, try using Vaseline.

It’s a simple product that helps prevent nails from splitting and breaking.

When applied to clean, dry nails before bed and left on overnight with Vaseline, it will help keep your nails moisturized and hydrated while also giving them some extra shine.

While Vaseline is not a “miracle cure” for growing long nails overnight with Vaseline, it can be used to kick start the process of natural nail growth over time. 

Vaseline can also be applied directly onto the tips of your cuticles as a thick layer to act as an extra layer of protection against split or broken edges.

Doing this once or twice a week could help give your nails the boost they need to reach their full potential without damaging them further.

Can The Use Of Vaseline Help With Brittle Nails?

Brittle nails are often caused by a lack of moisture in the nail, leading them to become dry and fractured.

Vaseline is effective because it’s able to trap in moisture, preventing the nails from drying out further and eventually breaking off.

Applying a thin layer of Vaseline onto the nail bed can replace lost oils, rehydrate the nail plate and strengthen weak spots.

 To maximize effectiveness, use Vaseline regularly after every shower or bath for several weeks before improvement is seen.

Soaking your fingers in warm olive oil for 15 minutes once a week will help keep your nails nourished and hydrated as well.

Keeping up with regular maintenance such as trimming excess length on your nails can also prevent them from becoming brittle.

Avoiding harsh soaps and detergents as well as using gloves when cleaning will reduce the chance of dehydration affecting your fingernail health.

How To Use Vaseline For Nail Growth

How To Use Vaseline For Nail Growth

Make sure your nails are clean and free of any oils or dirt before you start the process.

Then, take some Vaseline on your fingertips and spread it evenly across all the fingernails that need treatment, and coat your nails with Vaseline. 

The Vaseline should be applied with a gentle massage motion to stimulate circulation in the nails bed which will assist with faster growth.

Next, wrap your hands with plastic cling film to ensure the Vaseline doesn’t get wiped off easily as this will prevent maximum absorption into the nails beds.

Finally, leave it on overnight for best results so that all of the necessary nutrients can be absorbed into your nails properly. 


Vaseline is a miracle solution for brittle, chipped nails. It acts as an occlusive agent, helping the outer layer of skin seal in moisture to protect and moisturize nails while also providing them with nutrients that help promote strong, nail growth, and improve the condition of your nails.

However, Vaseline alone cannot make your nails grow overnight – regular maintenance and use of natural oils will be needed to achieve maximum results over time.