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How To Itch Your Eye With Lash Extensions

It can be difficult to know how to properly and safely itch your eyes when you have lash extensions. With the right techniques, however, it is possible to keep lashes looking beautiful while avoiding potential damage or discomfort. So, keep on reading to see how to itch your eye with lash extensions…

How To Itch Your Eye With Lash Extensions

Best Eyelash Extensions Aftercare Tips For Maximum Longevity

First, you need to make sure you wash your lashes daily. This is crucial in maintaining the cleanliness and longevity of your eyelash extensions.

Gently cleanse your lashes to remove any debris or makeup residue. It’ll also help to keep your natural lashes healthy. Wash, wash, and wash!

Brush your lash extensions every day. Just like your hair, your lashes can tangle and require daily grooming.

Use a clean mascara wand or a spoolie brush to gently comb through your lashes. This will help to maintain their fullness and prevent any damage.

Avoid using oil-based makeup products and cleansers. Oil can break down the bond between your natural lash and the extension, causing them to fall out sooner. Instead, opt for oil-free makeup and cleansers to ensure maximum longevity.

Remember that your eyelash extensions need time to bond to your natural lashes. So, for the first 24–48 hours after application, you should avoid getting them wet.

Steer clear of steam rooms, saunas, and hot showers. After this time, it’s safe to resume your regular routine and wash them daily.

Take care when sleeping. To minimize any potential damage to your lash extensions, try to sleep on your back or use a silk pillowcase.

These help to reduce friction and pressure on the lashes, ensuring they stay looking their best for longer periods.

Lastly, keep in mind that lash extensions require regular touch-ups. To maintain their fullness and extend their lifespan, book an appointment with your lash professional every 2–4 weeks. They’ll help to adjust any loose extensions and apply new ones where needed.

Why Do Eyelash Extensions Make My Eyelids Itch?

Sensitivity To Lash Extensions Adhesive

You might experience itchy eyes from eyelash extensions due to a sensitivity to the adhesive used for bonding the extensions.

The adhesive can sometimes cause an allergic reaction, leading to itchiness and irritation. To minimize this issue, try looking for a salon that offers a variety of adhesives, including ones suitable for sensitive skin.

Poor Application

An incorrect application technique can also contribute to itchiness. If your lash technician does not take the time to isolate each natural eyelash and directly apply the extensions, you can end up with tangled and uncomfortable lashes.

Make sure to choose a reputable salon with experienced lash technicians who prioritize the health and wellbeing of your natural lashes.

Wrong Shape & Placement for Your Eye Shape

Your eye shape plays an important role in determining the right extensions and their placement. If the extensions aren’t chosen and placed with care, you may experience discomfort and itchiness.

Consult your lash technician to ensure you’re getting the most suitable extensions and placement for your unique eye shape.

Too Many Extensions Applied to Your Lash Line

Too Many Extensions Applied to Your Lash Line

Excitedly, you might want to go all out on your eyelash extensions, aiming for a fuller, more dramatic look.

However, overextending your natural lashes with too many extensions can weigh them down, causing itchiness and discomfort.

Be sure to discuss your desired look with your lash technician, keeping in mind the capacity of your natural lashes.

Exposure to Formaldehyde Fumes

Formaldehyde fumes released during the curing process of the adhesive can cause itchiness and irritation.

If you suspect that this may be the cause of your itchy eyes, talk to your lash technician about alternatives they might offer without formaldehyde in their adhesive.

Poor Aftercare of Your Eyelash Extensions

Your new eyelash extensions may feel amazing, but without proper aftercare, they can become itchy and irritating.

To maintain the health and comfort of your extensions, follow the aftercare recommendations from your lash technician.

This might include: avoiding water and steam for the first 24–48 hours, not using oil-based makeup remover, combing the extensions gently, and avoiding rubbing your eyes.

How Can Poor Application Techniques From The Lash Technician Cause Itchy Extensions?

You need to know that a skilled lash artist can genuinely take your lashes to the next level.

However, when a lash tech isn’t careful with their application, it can lead to some not-so-fun side effects. One major issue? Itchy extensions!

If your lash tech rushes through the process and applies too many lash fibers to each of your natural lashes.

This weight starts adding up, and before long, you’re feeling the discomfort. This improper application can cause irritation and itchiness around your eyes, making you want to rub them.

But remember, you’ve got to avoid that; rubbing, tugging, or pulling on your extensions can lead to even more damage.

Another way poor application can cause itchiness is if the adhesive used for the extensions touches your skin.

This could not only lead to irritation but could also trigger an allergic reaction. To avoid this, it is crucial to choose a lash artist who is trained and certified in proper application techniques.

Soak A Q-Tip In Cold Water To Touch The Itchy Area

How To Itch Your Eye With Lash Extensions

If you’re dealing with itchy eyelash extensions, you’re probably desperate to know how to stop your itchy lash extensions driving you crazy. There are some methods you can try to get rid of that itch, without ruining all of your eyelash extensions.

Use A Cold Compress

Feel the itch in your eye area? Don’t worry, just grab a cold compress and gently place it on your closed eyelid.

The cold temperature will soothe any irritation and provide immediate relief. Plus, it will help in reducing any potential swelling caused by itchy eyelashes.

Soak A Q-Tip In Cold Water To Touch The Itchy Area

Need to focus on a specific spot? Soak a Q-tip in cold water, and gently touch the itchy area.

This method will provide precise relief without causing damage to your lash extensions. Remember, no rubbing or poking—you don’t want to damage those beautiful lashes!

Use A Pure Water Facial Mist Over Closed Eyes

Misting your face with a pure water facial spray can help relieve itchiness around your eyes. Just make sure to close your eyes while spraying the mist, and feel the refreshed sensation as it calms your itchy eyelashes.

Take An Antihistamine

Sometimes, the itch could be caused by exposure to formaldehyde fumes in lash adhesive. In such cases, an over-the-counter antihistamine can help.

Make sure to consult your healthcare provider before taking any medication, though, as some antihistamines may make you drowsy.

Request Hypoallergenic Lash Adhesive From Your Lash Technician

To prevent future itchy episodes, consider requesting hypoallergenic lash adhesive from your lash technician during your next lash appointment.

This type of adhesive may reduce the likelihood of experiencing irritation and itchiness from your lash extensions.

What Could Cause Irritation or An Allergic Reaction to Lash Extensions?

There are a couple of factors to consider. Some individuals may experience irritation or an allergic reaction due to exposure to formaldehyde fumes, which is often a constituent in lash glue.

Others with sensitive eyes could react to the fumes as well. Improper aftercare can also lead to such conditions. It’s important to understand these factors before getting eyelash extensions.

I Have Itchy Eyes, Could It Be from My Lash Extensions?

I Have Itchy Eyes, Could It Be from My Lash Extensions?

Yes, it could be. Sometimes, extensions are glued too close to the skin around the lash line, which can cause redness, itching, and discomfort. If you’re experiencing these symptoms persistently, contact your lash technician or a medical professional.

What Home Care Steps Can I Take to Beat the Itch?

There are several options for home care. Cleaning your lashes every day with an extension-friendly cleanser can help eliminate irritation. Resist the urge to poke or pull at your lashes, as this can exacerbate the issue. If the itching persists, seek advice from a medical professional.

Can I Get My Extensions Removed if My Eyes Are Too Itchy?

If the itchiness persists, it might be better to get your extensions removed. After removing them, if your eyes still continue to be itchy it’s advisable to consult a doctor.

Can an Allergy to Lash Extensions Develop Over Time?

 Yes, in some rare cases people can develop allergies over time. It might be the kind of lash extension glue used, or even lash mites build-up that causes such instances. Do reach out to your lash artist if such a situation arises.


What More Can I Do to Prevent Discomfort from Lash Extensions?

The best approach is to communicate your discomfort with your lash artist. They might adjust the glue they use or the type of extension to better suit your needs.

Preventative measures like cleaning your lashes and avoiding extensions during high-pollen season can also help.


It can be hard to know how to properly and safely itch your eyes when you have lash extensions.

With the right techniques, however, it is possible to keep lashes looking beautiful while avoiding potential damage or discomfort.

The best way to do this is by using cold compresses or Q-tips soaked in cold water, misting with a pure facial spray over closed eyes, taking an antihistamine as directed by your healthcare provider, and requesting hypoallergenic adhesive from your lash technician for future appointments.

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